Premium Statistics and 3 Premium files free, 3 others half off

Earlier today I compiled a list of sales since the middle of June. I took the worst 3 performing files and put them on sale. I took the best 3 performing files and made them free until the end of the month. Check out the list on my tumblr, and if you're not following it you should be.

The following files are half off until the end of the month in addition to the existing Stretch Goal discount.

Muzzled - down to $2.25
Pantied Chastity - down to $2.25
Pantied Chastity 2 - down to $2.25

The following files are free until the end of the month. Just click the Free Download link on their pages.

Arousal Succubus note and To Anyone Who Had Trouble Posting Lately

I have updated the Arousal Succubus entry and pack instructions to note that Description should be the first body file you listen to. After that, any of the others will make sense.

I'll put up a free link to Description later today so people can try the succubus concept out without springing for the pack, though the pack will contain some exclusive stuff like safeties and the induction.

To anyone who has tried posting lately and been unable, I was trying an antispam measure, I have deactivated it. You should be able to post now. I will just delete the spam manually. If you still have trouble posting, email me at [email protected]. I can either fix the problem or post the comment FOR you. Thank you.

Arousal Succubus Pack

Arousal Succubus Pack

This is the Arousal Succubus. Various succubus files will be created, with different fetishes and desires. This is the most vanilla of those, though the files which "make" each one will be modular and interchangeable.

A mental companion, an externalization of your subconscious who is sexual, feminine, aroused by you, wants you constantly, and provides support while dwelling in your mind. Want a mental succubus who feeds off your desires and provides a teasing mental conditioning? Try it out. Safety file is included along with description, behaviours, and sexual file. This file has been a long time coming and is some of my best work. Part self help, part fantasy/hallucination piece, part sexual, at least a good example of deepening and conditioning. Each "session" clocks in under an hour, made to be listened on various nights, not all in one session. Want to invite her into your head? Well here you go.

Listen to Description first. Then for later training sessions you can listen to any of the 4. Behaviour is nonsexual self-help, Desires is sexual. If you listen to Safety, make sure you have an object nearby like an item of jewelry or clothing. That object, when worn, will tell her to back off.

A CoC-centric version will be put out soon which can be bought separately, so if you're not sure on this, wait for that and you can try just the first file. This pack is there for those who told me they don't want to wait.

Induction, Deepener, and Awakener are included, as well as a Safety file so she doesn't interrupt important things requiring focus. Listen to the Induction, then optionally the deepener, then any of the 4 body files (Description, Behaviour, Desires, Safety), then the awakener. Listen to Description first, before trying Behaviour, Desires, or Safety.

- $30 - 2 hours of content

Broke 3000 - Elena's Tits now free, Waking Elsewhere, CoC Induction Pack, Succubus pack posted

You'll remember that this month's thank-you sale included 3 files that were made free until the end of the month. One of these files, Elena's Tits, is now free permanently because we have passed the 3000 stretch goal. I hope people enjoy it.

If I hit 4000 in the remaining 5 days, or next month if I hit 3000, the next file will become free. Specifically Bee Pregnancy Complete will bee free.

I am almost done the last 2 files before the Arousal Succubus can be posted, hoping to do them by tonight.

2950 of 3000 and new files

Today I hit 2950 out of 3000. if I hit 3000, the oldest file on the site (Elena's Tits) will become free permanently and immediately - additionally there will be a draw for a free custom file or a full set of all premium files to date, for the winner, next month - free and open to all.

As I do not think I will be doing custom files in September (again), this may be the only way to get a custom file out of me next month.

I have just re-recorded Brain Drain and posted it. I also extended the length of the awakener count up at the end of Permissive Awakener as it was much too short, it is now a proper ten count.

I have finished 2 succubus files today and have just 2 more to send out before the Arousal Succubus is finished and can be integrated into the site. I think it has come out nicely, based on what my test listener said. Waiting for another one to report back.

The Tel'Adre massage parlor is forthcoming, with Loppe, Abylon, and a Succubus dominatrix in attendance. Should be fun.

A few new inductions, some files for couples, and more re-records of old favorite files with improved sound quality and improved language, are on the agenda.

Ache to Serve is out too, as you will have noticed. this is a 20 dollar file and will remain so since its topic is to make the listener feel pleasure as a thank-you for buying files, so I don't want people listening to it by accident. Accordingly it will never be free. As always, my inbox is always open. Mistress at esuccubus dot com.

To any interested women who listen to my work

Heya. I'm still looking for people to trance. Specifically women - trans, cis, I don't care, as long as we're compatible on fetishes and enthusiasm. I want people who don't mind showing off themselves going under, for me. So if you like my work, have a fetish you've always wanted to explore, or are just curious, email me at mistress at esuccubus dot com or use the contact form.

I enjoy helping people explore their fantasies and supplying a training regimen for them to follow, or at least scheduling regular trances. I'm good at what I do and I feel I am sexy and persuasive. Want to apply or ask questions? Let me know. A big part of this is seeing my listeners go under, so if you're not comfy showing off on cam, I understand, but that's what I'm looking for. Something about video tributes appeal to me. Don't worry, all content gets moved somewhere safe and offline after you send it, and I love to supply customized training files, live sessions, and text chat back your way for training and to explore your submission and relaxation.

I like working with my listeners' fetishes to build something enjoyable for both of us, so consider sending me an email if you like my work. I currently have more men I work with than women (usually the case), so I'm only looking for women right now. Trans, cis, I don't care, long as you're comfy showing off and you have a sex drive that gets revved up by my files, we can work something out. Want to feel your mind run out between your legs? I can help get you there. Trance experience preferred.

CoC Catalog finally complete

You will notice the CoC Portal link in the top bar no longer has "Work In Progress" next to it. If you go in you'll find a network of pages with descriptions, linked files, and areas. You'll be able to see how the files fit together, and there is plenty of room for me to expand. I'm up past 2000 for the month, thanks for that, I've met my goal! If I hit 2500, the discount on files will continue next month and there will be an extra free file this week!

I've also made a few files free that were not free before, for example the Aunt Nancy Encounter is now free. So is recent file Cowgirl Wrangling - Upper Hand, because I want everyone to hear it and comment on it. Milking Machine is also free under the Machines section of the farm.The Cerulean Succubus Encounter, which has sold very well, is also free permanently.

There is also a new Ceraph Pack which contains all the files that used to be in the Hedge Maze and Forest Estate. I felt they weren't fitting well and they weren't canonical anyway. So now for 20 bucks (less right now, with the sale), you can get every pay file that used to be part of Ceraph's manor (6 of them), plus the True Ending file, plus 4 exclusive files that were only in the torrent or private customs before. There are 15 files in all, 300 minutes of Ceraph content, and that's not counting the included inductions.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed this month while I did boring background stuff that is not fun to listen to. For the rest of the month I will hopefully be able to get more sexy things out. As a hint of what is to come, I will be finishing the Succubus Tease Teaser, some new latex Succubus content, a massage parlor in Tel'Adre, some non-CoC Succubus content (people requested these), some files for couples, a re-record of Brain Drain and Siren's Voice, and more.

Want me to make your script?

I just recorded Arousal to Submission, a script I thought was interesting that I found on WarpMyMind. Maybe you have a script you'd like me to record. If so, simply send it to me at mistress at esuccubus dot com and I'll take a look. Note the following:

1) I won't record most scripts, just ones I like and find interesting. This isn't a way to backdoor a custom file but if you have a really interesting script and you think it'd fit in here, I'll look at it.

2) The better spelled and timed out your script is, the more likely I am to use it.

3) I reserve the right to make changes before recording it if I think it could be improved or if I can make it more suitable for this site.

4) Themes I don't normally use, like financial domination, blackmail, and so on, are not going to get made.

5) I may put the file up free, I may put it up for sale, if you're not okay with me making the file available for sale and profiting off the script, don't send it. I do this with customs, I'll do this with these. You will receive a free copy of your file if I make it, no matter what, but if you send me a script it means you're okay with me using it however, though I will give you credit, link to a website of your choice alongside it, and send you a free copy as stated. A file I make from a script like this will become free alongside all my other work, as per the site philosophy.

6) Try to just include file bodies, I try to make my files modular, if you do include an induction or awakener, section it off from the body so I can make them separate files and open it up for people to choose their favorites.

7) Only send me scripts that are your own original work please.

I will put a link to this post at the top right of the main page.

Sensory Feminization

Sensory Feminization

Feminization via one's senses. The sight of feminine beauty, the sound of a feminine voice, the scent of perfume or merely the proximity of a woman, the feel of clothing you associate with your ideal of femininity - all of these charge up a resting set of feminine commands and suggestions. The perception of one's own form alters the more exposure to these stimuli occurs, and since this is a desire you already had, all that is really happening is a connecting bridge between your subconscious desire for feminine form and thoughts, and the conscious observations of these things. A mantra is included which is loopable. The file is 18 minutes long, the loop is 10 minutes long. The loop is free and contains the same subject matter, you can check it out by clicking the Sample button below.
Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> This File -> Then Any Awakener

Add to Cart - $5 CAD / €3.40 - 28 Minutes

Draw Is Closed - New Files Incoming

The draw is now closed, new files are incoming later today.

The winners are Minerva and Hunter, I have emailed both of you just now so you can choose between a custom file, or one copy of every premium file up to and including bimbotization masturbation.


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