Custom Files Open Until 31st

As you can see in the top bar, custom files are now Open.

You can order a custom commission any time between now and the 31st at which time they will close again.

I am sending out most of the latest ones, there were a lot. Accordingly I WILL close the custom file page if I get too many orders to handle, something I didn't do last time.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, you won't be disappointed.

Draw Closed, Winners Emailed

The December draw is now closed, the winners have received an email to confirm which prize they want.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I am doing fine and will release new files soon.

Draw Open - December

Alright, the draw is now open.

Simply send an email to [email protected] - with the subject line Contest Entry

Put that as the subject line, nothing else, or your entry will not be counted.

Include in the body of the email only the answer to the following skill-testing question:

(19 * 5) - (20 / 4) = ?

The winner will receive their choice of either all current premium files, OR a 40 minute custom file placed at the end of the current queue, any theme you want.

4000 Goal Met - Spandex Meditation now free

As the stretch goal at 4000 was met in November (4300 total as of the end) - Shiny Spandex Meditation is newly free. I also re-recorded Gender Triggers yesterday and am changing it, splitting it into two free files, a masculinization trigger and a feminization trigger. They'll be free,, so keep an eye out for it. The draw will open at noon tomorrow and will run until the 7th. Custom files are proceeding apace, but it has been a hectic time.

All Is Well, 3000 and 3500 goal met!

So there will be a draw next month and it will have 2 winners now.

I am working on some end-of-month stuff, people's customs and the last writing on new site features. Also my book turned out fairly well though there is editing to do before I make a pdf and post it. I didn't post a second or third preview because I ended up cutting segments, but the first one is on my tumblr.

Bell, Book, and Candle: Intrusive Thoughts will probably be done some time in february once I get the art and the reviews by friends back.

Custom files will re-open on the 15th of December, so you'll be able to hire them then.

P.S.: to the guy who is named Leo S. who emailed me about a file: when I try to email you back, the mail delivery fails. You might want to email me from another address I guess?

2500 goal met, Pantied Chastity now free

Having met the 2500 monthly goal, Pantied Chastity is now free.

Thanks everyone for your support, I hope you enjoy this and the other files to come over the weekend!

Monthly Goal Met, Thanks!

I have 650 followers on my tumblr. Thanks for that. The link is at the top right along with the link to my twitter, and basically I post file announcements, occasional previews or freebies, at those places.

I also hit the monthly goal right around the middle of the month, which is great! I'm most of the way to the 2500 goal. As a thank-you, I have just released Udder Surrender, which is a vastly improved piece of careful-what-you-wish-for writing.

Speaking of which, I'm going to be posting previews from an erotic fiction piece I'm working on. Might not get it finished during NaNoWriMo since I made the mistake of trying to write two books at once, but I consider it well written and competent, and look forward to feedback. You can see the first sneak peek, The Bell, on my tumblr linked above, if you look.

You can now get Udder Surrender - I am working on custom files right now, but look for more later today or early tomorrow!

New Files Up

Eternal Chastity, and the Limp Chastity Pack (which includes some exclusive content), are now up. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Projects on my agenda for the next week. Most of these are at some level of completion.

Relaxation + comfort file (custom, 40 mins)
Feminization Succubus (custom, 40 mins)
Foot fetish Succubus (custom, 40 mins)
Subby Puppy Behaviours (custom, 30 mins)
Succubus Summoning Induction (custom, 20 mins)
Variant Inductions (custom, 20 mins)
Succubus Harem (custom, 180 mins total)

Draw Closed: 3 Winners. New File

The winners are Leon, Phil, and Gina. I have sent you emails. If you did not receive one, don't email me, I know lots of people have these first names (but check your spam box). If I don't hear back on those emails, I'll send them again or ask people to email me, but for now, congratulations to the winners, and good luck to everyone who enters next month!

I've just released the remake of Leather Pants Obedience.

A fan requested a custom file which was similar, so I also did that one up at the same time. Leather Pants Obedience is a faithful remake of the original using the exact same language. Sandal Obedience is very different, using updated language, but has the same theme of obedience to all women wearing particular clothing, as per the commission request.

The two are released in a single pack, along with the mantra.

I am working on finalizing the Udder Surrender remake, and a limpness custom for someone as well as of course the other custom files. In a few cases I am waiting for feedback before proceeding with the second half of someone's custom request (where multiple files were requested)

More files later.

Draw Closes Tomorrow, Files So Far, Files in Progress

Hi everyone.

Remember the draw closes tomorrow at noon. The prize is your choice of a 20 minute custom file OR all the premium files released prior to October 31.

Files released so far this week include:

Dark Night - Fill Her
Self Control - Breasts
Subby Puppy
Spa Day
Spa Day - Two More Rooms

Files being worked on include:

Foot Obedience
Foot Succubus
Feminine Succubus Transformation
Succubus Harem
Intense Comfort and Relaxation
Limitless Limpness
Succubus Summoning
2 Inductions

Files in waiting for when I finish the above or hear back from people who hired them:
Udder Surrender Remake
Keyholder's Binding Remake
Leather Pants Obedience Remake
Subby Puppy - Behaviour


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