Stretch Goal Met! Farm page up, new file.

The first Cowgirl Wrangling file is up, 20 bucks for 60 minutes of cowgirl subduing and pleasuring fun, with sexy assistance. This can be found on its own page or on the Farm page.

This is the first of a series of planned cowgirl wrangling files with different endings. Kelt files are lined up to be coming out soon, but I have more Succubus commissions to do for now.

Also I met my 2500 stretch goal, so there will be an extra free file this month and a discount of 5 percent on all files next month. If I hit the 3000 goal, we'll have another free draw open to all, and also the oldest file on the site (Evening With E part 1 and 2) will become free permanently.

No custom files in August.

I will not be doing any custom files in August. Instead I will focus on my own projects during august like getting CoC files done and prettying up the catalog. Thank you for understanding. Custom files will open as normal in September.


I have a bunch of files done, I'll keep releasing at a rate of 1 a day for the rest of the month to catch up. I just posted Automatically, which I hope people enjoy. More free CoC stuff will come out as I open each area, so don't fret. I just finished a Naga file but I won't be releasing it on the main site until I have the desert area done over the next few days. I'll drop a link to it on my tumblr later today, so if you're not following me there, you should.

I have also brought the Work Logs page up to date, for those who have not checked it lately.

Just 250 more until the 2500 stretch goal is met, and there will be 5 free files instead of 4 this month. Well, really we're at like 10 free files and climbing because I made a bunch free, but I mean new free files.

Wednesday - Corrupt Questions - The Farm

Crossposted to My Tumblr so you can also answer it there, or post below.

I’ve decided to get reader input on what kind of stuff I should do in each CoC category. I don’t have much worry about ordinary non-CoC files because I have a massive list of those people have requested.

I’ll start with the area I’m trying to finish first, the Farm -

The Farm is home to cow girls - large breasts, often multi-nippled and docile, their addictive milk is restorative and calming. Their sexual appetites periodically flare up, for which minotaur pheremones wafting down from the nearby mountains can sometimes be blamed. They utilize the farm’s “milking machine”, a large suction cup laden device, to empty their breasts before the swelling of their lactation becomes too much. Gentle and kind, the cow girls at the farm live in a barn that is more rightly a hotel - lodging rooms, large beds, free meals. The farm’s proprietor Whitney does a good job growing other produce, and also the milk, and the farm is a safe and protected place.

A small centaur herd does live here, with the sole male being Kelt - rude, overbearing, but a consummate archer who is of use to the farm’s defenses. Marble, the prize cow girl, might take a shine to a wandering guy or gal willing to help her with her aching udders.

Planned encounters include cock and breast milking devices, cowgirl orgy, centaur stuff with Kelt, the Breaking Kelt content from the game for the sadistic among you, and Marble’s storyline plus follower path. The farm isn’t huge and there isn’t a ton on it, so I think it is a good candidate to finish up first. Of course once “finished” people can still hire custom content for an area and I may come back to it myself if I get a good idea.

The point is to create an interlocking world of erotica while incorporating traditional deepeners, relaxing pieces, and inductions+triggers, hopefully people like what I’ve achieved so far.

Thus far the only farm content is the free Helping Marble piece.

But I’m not limiting myself to just canon encounters. If you have an idea for something that would fit into this theme and the creatures mentioned, please share it with me below.

So, any ideas or requests before I launch into the farm in earnest?

Factory area up!

The Factory page is up, as is the Places tab though I only have Factory in it so far. If you browse the CoC catalog, please check links and report any apparent errors. The pages are all very samey and I tend to copy and paste a lot, but I'll do full testing before I take the WIP tag off anyway. Once the CoC section is done, I will make the normal catalog entries, including the CoC entries, more normalized and readable as well as making them easier to navigate, so don't worry, things are proceeding. The next files I will work on are a) more succubi, and b) some Town Ruins stuff like Shouldra. I hope people like Visiting Venus, I'd appreciate feedback, and on the new file too. I'll add Tel'Adre later. Don't worry, the catalog will be done within the week. But to celebrate a new page being set up, I made another file free. This time, Factory - New Hire. I also released a new file, 10 bucks for 30 minutes, Factory - Experimental Methods. There is a sample, both are in the catalog and can also be found on the factory page itself.

Look for another file, directed at women this time, to come out in the factory vein somewhat soon.

To recap, the following files have become free in the last few days:

Goblin Girl - Pay The Toll
Amazon Assistance
Bunny Breeder - Tentacle Beast
Factory - New Hire
Visiting Venus was released free.
You can find all of them either on their own page of the CoC encyclopedia, or in the catalog, or with the search bar, or by scrolling through the frontpage posts about them.
More to come soon!

Lake area up - Amazonian Assistance now free, Visiting Venus now released

The Lake is now open - the only two areas so far, Venus and the Islands, are open to explore and each has a free file. Visiting Venus is brand new while Amazonian Assistance is now free rather than pay like it used to be.

Forest Area Up

Hi everyone. The CoC Encyclopedia is developing. So far I've put the Tentacle Beast, Goblin, and Bee Girl on their own pages and interlinked them. You can go to the forest page and select any of them from the bottom. Each has one free file minimum. My policy is going to be that every CoC encounter should have at least one free file, so people can see how I write that particular creature or encounter's viewpoint. So I made a few files free.

*New Content*

The Forest entries - Goblin, Bee, and Tentacle Beast are all extant and have their files posted. When new files come out they will be added. I am going to add linkbacks from the catalog entries for each encounter, to the area and creature page.

Goblin Girl - Pay The Toll is now free for guys who want their cocks milked.
Breeder Bunny - Tentacle Beast is now free for people who want to be filled in aching heat.
The bee page contains Beegirl Oviposition which was already free.

Later today I'll post the Venus page in the Lake area and it will have a free intro.
New Succubus files set in the Factory are coming, and I feel that are going to be well composed and sexy.

Draw closed - July 5th winners drawn

There were 200 entrants total. The three winners have been sent emails. Once they respond, we can work out their prizes. First to respond gets first choice of prize. Check the email you used to enter.

Already 1/4 of the way - draw entries end at midnight!

Hey all! I'm already over a quarter of the way to my monthly goal. Can't thank you all enough for the continued support, I'll do my best to earn it. We've had a mini heat wave - lots of places have. Haven't been recording due to this. I'm feeling better about the prospect today.

Happy July. Discounts on everything. Customs are Open.

You'll see the counter has been reset to $0, if I hit 2000 I will keep doing this as my sole job through August, you know the drill. Same stretch goals as last month past that.

Additionally, the draw is posted above and you can enter it no matter who you are. Don't need to buy anything, just enter and I'll send you stuff if I pull your email address and you answer a skill testing question.

There is a 15 percent discount on all premium files.

There is a 10 percent discount on all custom files.

These are automatically applied when you check out, don't worry.

Things are going well and I'm really happy with how these CoC files are turning out.

As always you can contact me using the form or email address in the top right.


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