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On Task

  • Deepening file mixed with submissive themes.
  • Defines every success in relaxation as a task performed for me.
  • "Good pet" themes and themes of rewarding oneself for successes.
  • Idea that each time one relaxes they learn the intricacies of relaxing in better and more efficient ways.
  • Publicly available. Download and enjoy!

- File Length: 28:49 - 26.3MB

Click the title for more information.

Playlist order: Any induction, then this body file

Backstage Magic

  • Sequel to Stage Magic - the magician invites the listener to her dressing room for a lesson.
  • Builds on themes from the the previous file.
  • Lucid dream themes.
  • Reward only.

- File Length: 20:02 - 18MB

Playlist: Any induction, then this file. Or you can place this file right after Stage Magic on your playlist.

Click the title for more information.

Boundary of Dream

  • Piece intended for right before sleeping.
  • New perspective on sleep and dream.
  • Some elements recognizable to those who liked the Dragon Shifter files.
  • Reward only.

- File Length: 30:08 - 27.5MB

Playlist order: Any induction, then this file. Meant for just before you go to sleep.

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Dreaming Induction

  • For those who like to listen to files right before bed.
  • A reminder that thoughts carried across the boundary into dream can effect one there..
  • Goes great with dream-themed files.
  • Induction - so follow it up with the body file of your choice
  • Publicly available. Download and enjoy!

- File Length: 10:59 - 10MB

Click the title for more information.

Playlist order: This induction, then any body file as per its instructions.

Sore Throat

Heya, the vampire files are still being reworked, I'll release them when I have the voice to work on them. Throat has been sore - everyone around me seems to have the flu yet again. But I can still write during this time, so I'm scripting more and more files and just putting them in the queue to record when my throat feels better. I've got cold medicine.

Things are going alright. Patreon still looks good, rewards are being sent out as soon as people reply to the messages I sent. I have already sent links to both the sneak peek and the backer files to those who were due them.

Next few files include the sequel to Stage Magic (a reward file), an induction for those who listen to things right before sleep (public, free), and a lucid dreaming file that builds up on the Dragon Shifter content (reward file).

After that, Frog Girl file from CoC (public, free), Anthro Donkey Transformation file (backer), Canine Pepper Mindset file (free), Good Pet file someone wanted (Reward), and on and on. The sneak peek document has a list of everything on my current agenda, for backers. I've also been updating my work habits in there, as well as pasting all completed scripts into that document for backers to read. If you haven't checked it out, and you're a backer from October, it is in your backer reward email from the 10th.

Stage Magic

  • On stage during a stunning magician's performance..
  • She demonstrates a few simple tricks as an introductive.
  • Telekinetic stimulation themes, ending in permission to cum and an open-ended conclusion.
  • Long deepener portion at the start.
  • Backstage sequel coming.
  • Backer only.

- File Length: 31:20 - 28.6MB

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Backer Info, Sunday Files

Spent today writing instead of recording, so no release today, bonus releases sunday.

To backers, I'll send out emails when the backer rewards go out - including the new sneak peek document, the backer file folder access, and your ability to pick reward files. You will get an email sent to the address associated with your Patreon account when things are ready. Emails sent before I request choices will probably be missed.

As always, you can email me at with any questions.

Back to work I go.

Canine Peppers

  • Spicy peppers with transformative properties.
  • Grown on the Lakeside Farm
  • Dog ears, tail, paws, muzzle, fur, transformative..
  • Too many and mental effects ovetake those who partake..
  • Present from Whitney for helping out on the Farm. Rude not to try at least one.
  • Files are modular - start with the Pack of Peppers file on your playlist.
  • Then put any files you want to try, one, or all of them.
  • Files are open ended and loopable.

Click the title to view more information.

Pepper Pack contains various files, 4 minute intro, 2+ minute component files.
- 15 MB

Halloween Releases and Reminder About Scripts

Happy Halloween! You'll see I've posted the first 2 pieces I was holding onto for today. One is a pack of vampire files which will go out to backers when normal backer files are sent out, before the 10th of November. The other is available now and is called Chills to Thrills. Good for those of you going to haunted houses or watching scary movies today.

I've got the Canine Peppers CoC files done, well, the first wave of them. They fit a "harvest" theme and work well for this time of year.

First pack is just the body transformation themes. Second wave will be some sensual or mental themes, third wave will be the canine pepper Bad End files. First pack free, second wave backer, third wave reward, as is usual for CoC stuff.

Other releases you'll see rolling out across the next few days include a halloween-themed scary story I didn't quite get done in time - sexual elements of course- and a tentacle file, as well as the CoC pumpkin file I didn't do last year.

Patreon is going great, and I'll be working on the site revamp implementation once the first few weeks of November pass. Just trying to get lots of releases out for people these next few weeks. I hope you all take these first two as a good start.

Lastly, a note for people: remember that while I include scripts with my files, these scripts are really my rough jot notes and I might change things between when I write them and when I finish the file. The only way to know the contents of a file is to sit up, alert, and listen - perhaps compare to the script and change it to reflect the phrasing I actually ended up using.

Scripts often vary from the finished product and can give you insight into what I write going in, more than being an accurate transcript.

Hope this clears up confusion. On all future releases I might title them "notes".

Chills to Thrills

  • Seasonal piece for Halloween.
  • Simple trigger - when you feel chills or the sense of being watched.
  • We all get creeped out sometimes, why not tie it to arousal?
  • File encourages maybe watching a scary movie or visiting a haunted house.
  • Publicly available. Download and enjoy!

- File Length: 20:36 - 18.8MB

Click the title for more information.


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