Re-Done File, Free File

Hey everyone. Things were rough for me for a bit, sorry about that. Better now.

Re-recorded the old poor quality Milking The Stud into a longer file that ties in with Prized Stud Triggers and Stud Call. So now the three work together, Stud Call and Milking The Stud describe similar settings, and can go after Prized Stud as alternative endings to a listening section.

Also I hit the 4000 goal, which means that First Principles For Men is now free. I need to do the womens' version one of these days.

Got about another 5 or 6 files in various states of completion and more to do after. Also trying to get a halloween file, or pair of files, done in time.

1) Limpness file (Custom) + Mantra + short reinforcement piece
2) Foot Fetish Induction and Body file (custom)
3) Submissive Canine files (Custom)
4) A calming relaxation piece (Custom)
5) Succubus Feminization (Custom)
6) Succubus Harem (Custom)
7) Trained For Triggers (Custom)
8) Two Inductions (Custom) (Succubus and strong amnesia pieces)
9) Drink Me file (Custom)
10) Various contest customs come after paid work
11+) My own projects including CoC work and re-doing old poor quality files into extended more modern versions.

As you can see, the schedule is mildly full. Most of these are 40 or 60 minute pieces. Writing is done on a lot of them but then it is tweaks, takes, edits, and samples until I get to the end.

The draw is confirmed for next month by the way, as you'll have noticed from the stretch goals. If I hit the 4500 goal before noon on Nov. 1st, there will be 3 winners rather than 2, and the prizes will be upgraded just like they were last month.

There will be NO custom files next month, taking a rare break from them, especially after all the support I got last month. I will be doing them in December however, and I might do a rush service for those who want them before the holiday season.

3000 Goal Met: Milk Slave Training now free!

Well, once more I've hit the 3000 goal, so rather than sit as a pay file for several more months, Milk Slave Training is now free permanently and early.

This is part of the Sand Witch content from CoC. Speaking of CoC ,the canine peppers content is almost done so expect it this week in between dealing with custom requests.

Thank you everyone for your kind outpouring of support, I am now feeling much more enthusiastic about my work.

2500 goal met, Re-Doing Old Files

So some people have complained that I am doing this, taking old poor quality files and re-recording them with better quality, sometimes longer wording. Some other people requested it though, so I have to accept I'm never going to make everyone happy, and just put my work out there and live with it. I want to let you know I'll only be doing this to files released before the Dual Latex Succubus pack. Anything after that will stay as it is unless someone hires me to re-do or slightly alter a file, then I will of course release it on the site since I am re-doing it anyway.

As to progress. Well I have hit the 2500 goal, mostly from people buying the new Stud files, thanks for that. This means I'll record an additional free file this month, bringing the goal to 17 rather than 16 full releases. I've got the relevant custom files worked out and I'm now writing something for someone who hired a breast-centric file.

I've gotten a fair bit of negative feedback lately, so I'm just going to power through as best I can. I hope people are enjoying my work, at least. To the people sending kind words, thanks, it is legitimately appreciated and I don't think I'd do this without some kind of positive feedback.

The release schedule might look something like this:

Custom (Phantom Breasts file)
Custom (Someone hired me to re-do the Spandex Obedience file) - done
Custom (Limpness file)
Custom (Shoe/sandal worship succubus file)
Custom (Submissive canine furry file)
Custom (Detailed relaxation piece)
Custom (Feminizing succubus transformation, multiple files)
Custom (2 inductions, succubus theme)
Custom (Body file, training to key triggers and phrases related to arousal succubus theme)
Custom (Cock obsession/worship file)
Re-done Got Milk
Re-done The Farm
Re-done Milking The Stud
Custom (Succubus harem, multiple files)

So as you can see, other than re-doing the stud and milking files which I did because stud and breast centric files were hired as extra gifts to the people who hired them, I am not setting my own agenda for the month, instead having to meet custom requirements. I have no complaint about this, I like making stuff people have been specifically wanting lately, but I just wanted to explain what my schedule looks like in terms of writing and recording time.

On top of this, the customs for contest winners are in the queue, though some have not yet told me what they would like.

Thank you to everyone who helped me reach the 2500 goal, I'll be posting new files later today including some free ones.

Almost to 2000, Month In Review So Far

We're almost to the 2 week mark, and just $391 to go until I have hit my monthly goal.

So far these files have been created this month. 6/17 intended (the pack doesn't count as a file since it is a discounted compilation only and the exclusive does count)

Free - 20 Minutes Tap Tap Tap
$15 - 42 Minutes - Connected
$25 - 42 Minutes - Chaste Servitude
$75 - 240 Minutes - Chaste Triggered Couples Pack
Exclusive to the pack - 30 Minutes - Triggered Chastity Belt
$15 - 23 Minutes - Stud Call
$10 - 15 Minutes - Prized Stud Triggers

I'm going to work on some free and cheap files sometime in the coming week including reproductions of older files. For now I'll take the weekend and write some things during. The next custom file will be a breast-centric piece, and I'll re-do some older files like Got Milk and The Farm with new sound quality. I also plan to re-record Milking The Stud in new quality with improved wording and release it soon.

Chaste Triggered Couples Pack

This pack of files will be of interest to chaste couples, and couples where one partner is dominant and enjoys using triggers. Descriptions can be found on the individual pages below. The pack contains four hours of content, all of it trigger and chastity related.

Chaste Service (40 Minutes) - $25
Chastised (40 Minutes) - $15
Connected (42 Minutes) - $15
Gateway of Control (39 Minutes) - $15
The Orgasm Myth (19 Minutes) - $15
Triggered Chastity Belt (30 Minutes) - Exclusive, $15 value
Your Submissive Cock (32 Minutes) - $10

$110 Value for $75!

Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> Any of the files inside the pack -> Any Awakener
Add to Cart - $75 CAD / €51.00 - 240 Minutes

October Draw closed, new file posted!

I was still getting entry emails, so I kept draw entry open. I have now closed the draw and am working on drawing the winners. Making this post ASAP so no one complains that they missed the cutoff, even though I've extended the cutoff. With over 200 entrants, a very successful draw, thank you everyone!

Also you'll notice a simple relaxation and chronic pain related piece has been posted, Tap Tap Tap is free, enjoy.

Our winners are:

1) Conor
2) Firestorm
3) Fabian
4) Johnny
5) Paul

All of you have received emails just now indicating your victory and offering you your choice of prizes. Thank you to all 239 people who entered, there might be another draw next month depending on how sales go.

Custom Files October

Custom files are closed, too many commissions, wow!

October Draw Now Open

The draw is open. It will remain open until noon EST on the 5th of October. To enter the draw, send an email containing the answer to the skill testing question below, to [email protected] from the email address of your choice. Note that the address you use to enter is the same one I will confirm your entry at, and email to if you win, so make sure you use your real email address.

Use the subject line: Contest Entry

Any email without that exact subject line might be missed.

To validly enter, your email must contain the answer to this question:

(22 * 4) - (11 * 2 * 3) = ___

Any questions, just email me.

There will be FIVE winners this month, and each will receive their choice of either

80 minutes worth of custom material split however they want - one long file, 2 medium length files, a bunch of short files, your call.


a copy of every single premium file plus a twenty minute custom file

5500 goal met, new files released including reward freebie, Lose to Ceraph now free.

Met the 5500 goal! 3 new files have been released, and the Lose to Ceraph ending has been made free permanently. If I hit the 6000 goal there will be another winner and I'll make yet another additional free file.

So, let's do a recap of all the files produced this month. I have not met my goal of 30 files but I still am above the usual productivity and will probably create a few more.

First the new ones

Free - Persuasive Amnesia Induction is a good induction for those of you who like a hazy dreamlike quality.

Premium - The Orgasm Myth is a chastity file with the theme of forgetting all prior orgasms as deceptive myths, the real thing will require effort and edging and chastity to achieve and perhaps it will be too intense to even remember once it is done.

Free - Latex Tentacles is an improved re-record of an old latex themed bondage and tentacles trigger file. It includes additional content, check it out.

Files already done before today:

Free - Latex Bath Advanced

Pack Exclusive - Latex Bath Awakener Re-Done

Pack Exclusive - Latex Succubus Refresher

Free - Succubus Trigger Deepener

Premium - Lightside Latex Succubus Re-Done

Premium - Darkside Latex Succubus Re-Done

Premium - Lightside Latex Succubus Advanced

Premium - Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced

Free - Combination Induction

Premium - Under Me

Free - Chained Desires

Premium - Your Submissive Cock

Premium - Succubus Course - Cock

Free - Spa Tour

7 Free, 10 non-free - 17 total so far. The 2 bonus free files are due to stretch goal funding.

5000 Goal Met

This means the reward for next months draw is upgraded! Not only will there be 4 winners, but the winners will choose between a 60 minute custom file (or combination of files adding up to 60 minutes), OR all of my files for free plus a 20 minute custom file, so you get something customized no matter what.

The 5500 goal will make Lose to Ceraph - True Ending, free of charge and open to everyone! Looking forward to seeing if I meet it. I'm up to quite a few custom hires but I am keeping it open until the 8th. If 400 more dollars worth of files are bought, Lose to Ceraph - True Ending will become open to everyone for free permanently.


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