5500 goal met, new files released including reward freebie, Lose to Ceraph now free.

Met the 5500 goal! 3 new files have been released, and the Lose to Ceraph ending has been made free permanently. If I hit the 6000 goal there will be another winner and I'll make yet another additional free file.

So, let's do a recap of all the files produced this month. I have not met my goal of 30 files but I still am above the usual productivity and will probably create a few more.

First the new ones

Free - Persuasive Amnesia Induction is a good induction for those of you who like a hazy dreamlike quality.

Premium - The Orgasm Myth is a chastity file with the theme of forgetting all prior orgasms as deceptive myths, the real thing will require effort and edging and chastity to achieve and perhaps it will be too intense to even remember once it is done.

Free - Latex Tentacles is an improved re-record of an old latex themed bondage and tentacles trigger file. It includes additional content, check it out.

Files already done before today:

Free - Latex Bath Advanced

Pack Exclusive - Latex Bath Awakener Re-Done

Pack Exclusive - Latex Succubus Refresher

Free - Succubus Trigger Deepener

Premium - Lightside Latex Succubus Re-Done

Premium - Darkside Latex Succubus Re-Done

Premium - Lightside Latex Succubus Advanced

Premium - Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced

Free - Combination Induction

Premium - Under Me

Free - Chained Desires

Premium - Your Submissive Cock

Premium - Succubus Course - Cock

Free - Spa Tour

7 Free, 10 non-free - 17 total so far. The 2 bonus free files are due to stretch goal funding.

5000 Goal Met

This means the reward for next months draw is upgraded! Not only will there be 4 winners, but the winners will choose between a 60 minute custom file (or combination of files adding up to 60 minutes), OR all of my files for free plus a 20 minute custom file, so you get something customized no matter what.

The 5500 goal will make Lose to Ceraph - True Ending, free of charge and open to everyone! Looking forward to seeing if I meet it. I'm up to quite a few custom hires but I am keeping it open until the 8th. If 400 more dollars worth of files are bought, Lose to Ceraph - True Ending will become open to everyone for free permanently.

With the help of custom files, 4500 goal hit

Well, I've hit the 4500 goal one day later. This means that there will be 3 winners in next month's draw for the first time! Also there will be at least 6 free files next month, as a result of this.

I am working hard to get some of this done, there are many custom files and I am actively writing them.

Didn't Expect That - hit the 4000 goal.

So this means Edge and Tease is now free for anyone who wants it, permanently.

If I hit the 4500 goal, there will be a third winner in next month's draw, and I will also produce 1 additional free file in October (bringing the total to 6 minimum, 7 if I hit the 2500 stretch next month)

If I hit 5000 I will not only hand out four prizes, but I will upgrade the existing prizes. Each winner will get their choice of a 60 minute custom file (split into any number of files they want), or all of the premium files + a 20 minute custom file.

As to release plans, I am writing some chastity stuff, I might be doing a furry custom file someone is going to hire, I have a deepener, a breast obsession, and a file for couples.

No responses from women as listeners who want to play with me, yet.

CoC content is being written albeit somewhat slowly since I am now moving into major canon characters and I want to get it right.

Catalog revamp is in the cards.

Anyway go try out Edge and Tease!

Custom Files Re-Opened Early

Opening these early because a lot of people complained they didn't get a chance, and I only have 2 left un-done. Ahead of schedule. So you can now hire custom files. Any file you want, any theme that fits the site. Email me if unsure, there are some themes I don't do (if you don't see something like it on the site, ask me) and it can help to hash the idea out with me.

I will only be keeping this open until I feel I have too many to complete during October.

So, click Custom Files and let me know what I can make for you. Remember they are 10 percent off right now.

Latex Succubus Complete Pack

This pack collects all the Latex Succubus files. The Latex Succubus Files are about installing a mental externalization - dual succubi, on the one hand helpful, on the other sensual. Addiction to rubber, a general arousal in the presence of latex, always wearing same, edging and ruining orgasms are all discussed and stressed. A special deepener is included, as well as the exclusive Latex Succubus Refresher Re-Done file.

The included exclusive awakener incorporates amnesia and an instruction to masturbate.

Latex Bath Advanced - Free
Latex Bath Awakener - Exclusive
Latex Succubus Refresher - Exclusive
Succubus Trigger Deepener - Free
Lightside Latex Succubus Re-Done - $10
Darkside Latex Succubus Re-Done - $10
Lightside Latex Succubus Advanced - $10
Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced - $10
Discount - -$10
Total: $30

The files are made to be loopable so you can pick and choose which ones to include in each session. On the self-help side, generally being pro-active, weathering constructive criticism, and rewarding yourself for jobs well done are discussed.

Listening order is outlined in the included text file.

Light Side -
Dark Side - Add to Cart - $30 CAD / €20.40 - Over 2.5 hours (Total 160 minutes) of content!

Hit the 3500 goal

Thanks to everyone who has bought things this month. I might hit the 4000 goal, in which case the oldest premium file would become free, namely the edging file Edge and Tease.

I've released a lot of files in the last few days, including re-done Latex Succubus files and sequels to them as well as some inductions and a deepener. CoC content will resume once I get a few more things done.

Things on my to-do list:

Custom files.
Bondage Triggers 2 Re-Done
Latex Bath Awakener Re-Done
Latex Bath Refresher Re-Done
Latex Succubus Complete (all latex succubus files including the exclusive Refresher file Re-Done, and a copy of Bondage Triggers 2 which has a latex trigger + the trigger deepener which fits the theme)
Fix the catalog entries so all pages use the download buttons and have clear lines between entries, remove superfluous titles. Tag entries. For example tag all the trigger files with "trigger" so you can search by that by clicking the link. Tag all lactation files, all succubus files, and so on. Tag freely so people can search by interest.
Basic Triggers Re-Done
Advanced Triggers Re-Done
Bondage Triggers Re-Done
Submit (File for submissives, paired with Rule)
Rule (File for dominants, paired with Submit)
Couples Pack (stuff like Gateway of Control, Beloved Fixation, Submit and Rule, both Bondage Triggers)
Re-Done Trigger Pack (Gonna put all the re-done trigger files into one pack for 5 bucks along with a special induction, and little phrase files of me saying each trigger)

Canadian Sales Now A-OK - Almost to 3500 - Latex Files Incoming

Found a way to easily total up my GST applicable Canadian sales and remit them, so people are now allowed to buy from the site if they are in Canada. Previously I had a nightmare of a time tracking down sales. Canadian fans can now buy things, enjoy!

Finishing touches on Latex Succubus Advanced files, both lightside and darkside, expanding on the prior Dual Latex Succubus, will be completed today. I will also be re-recording the old latex succubus files with improvements and additions. That is today's project. I'll also re-do some old stuff like the Bondage Triggers, and come out with a new generic Succubus piece.

As to CoC content, farm, including canine peppers and cowgirl content, is a priority.

3000 Goal Met: Bee Pregnancy now free

For those Corruption of Champions fans among you, good news! Due to hitting the 3000 goal, Bee Pregnancy Complete is now permanently free. I hope people enjoy it. Also there will be 2 winners of next month's draw instead of one.

I just finished Latex Succubus Induction Advanced and will post it later today. I also wrote Lightside Latex Succubus Advanced and Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced. All are expansions on the existing Dual Latex Succubus files. I am going to re-record the old ones to give them better quality, and put all 7 files into one pack for people to pick up, in addition to posting the new induction for free (it's a good fantasy induction though it fits best with the files it was made for).

I am going to begin tagging files with the triggers used in them, themes like Lactation, Latex, etc., and that way you'll be able to look stuff up by more than just main category.

Anyway, thanks everyone.

Wow! Goal met.

My monthly goal of 2000 just got met. So now we're on to the first stretch goal of 2500. If 2500 is met, all files will be discounted by 5 percent next month, and I will release 1 more free file than planned, so 6 free files this month instead of 5. I will be releasing more work either late tonight or afternoon tomorrow, depending on how much I get through. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. Look for erotic stories sometime in the next month or two, by the way.

Also I will set up a patreon and do a site chat or something as a reward for backers, as well as exclusive files, just to give people a more general way to contribute and see their contributions, than the "costs" button.

Look for Latex Succubus stuff to be the next files.


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