2500 goal met, Pantied Chastity now free

Having met the 2500 monthly goal, Pantied Chastity is now free.

Thanks everyone for your support, I hope you enjoy this and the other files to come over the weekend!

Monthly Goal Met, Thanks!

I have 650 followers on my tumblr. Thanks for that. The link is at the top right along with the link to my twitter, and basically I post file announcements, occasional previews or freebies, at those places.

I also hit the monthly goal right around the middle of the month, which is great! I'm most of the way to the 2500 goal. As a thank-you, I have just released Udder Surrender, which is a vastly improved piece of careful-what-you-wish-for writing.

Speaking of which, I'm going to be posting previews from an erotic fiction piece I'm working on. Might not get it finished during NaNoWriMo since I made the mistake of trying to write two books at once, but I consider it well written and competent, and look forward to feedback. You can see the first sneak peek, The Bell, on my tumblr linked above, if you look.

You can now get Udder Surrender - I am working on custom files right now, but look for more later today or early tomorrow!

New Files Up

Eternal Chastity, and the Limp Chastity Pack (which includes some exclusive content), are now up. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Projects on my agenda for the next week. Most of these are at some level of completion.

Relaxation + comfort file (custom, 40 mins)
Feminization Succubus (custom, 40 mins)
Foot fetish Succubus (custom, 40 mins)
Subby Puppy Behaviours (custom, 30 mins)
Succubus Summoning Induction (custom, 20 mins)
Variant Inductions (custom, 20 mins)
Succubus Harem (custom, 180 mins total)

Draw Closed: 3 Winners. New File

The winners are Leon, Phil, and Gina. I have sent you emails. If you did not receive one, don't email me, I know lots of people have these first names (but check your spam box). If I don't hear back on those emails, I'll send them again or ask people to email me, but for now, congratulations to the winners, and good luck to everyone who enters next month!

I've just released the remake of Leather Pants Obedience.

A fan requested a custom file which was similar, so I also did that one up at the same time. Leather Pants Obedience is a faithful remake of the original using the exact same language. Sandal Obedience is very different, using updated language, but has the same theme of obedience to all women wearing particular clothing, as per the commission request.

The two are released in a single pack, along with the mantra.

I am working on finalizing the Udder Surrender remake, and a limpness custom for someone as well as of course the other custom files. In a few cases I am waiting for feedback before proceeding with the second half of someone's custom request (where multiple files were requested)

More files later.

Draw Closes Tomorrow, Files So Far, Files in Progress

Hi everyone.

Remember the draw closes tomorrow at noon. The prize is your choice of a 20 minute custom file OR all the premium files released prior to October 31.

Files released so far this week include:

Dark Night - Fill Her
Self Control - Breasts
Subby Puppy
Spa Day
Spa Day - Two More Rooms

Files being worked on include:

Foot Obedience
Foot Succubus
Feminine Succubus Transformation
Succubus Harem
Intense Comfort and Relaxation
Limitless Limpness
Succubus Summoning
2 Inductions

Files in waiting for when I finish the above or hear back from people who hired them:
Udder Surrender Remake
Keyholder's Binding Remake
Leather Pants Obedience Remake
Subby Puppy - Behaviour

Updates, Spa Day, Upcoming, Freebies

The canine peppers are coming along. I will be able to release them sometime this week, and all will be free except the bad endings - so fans of transformation and CoC, be ready.

The second Fera file, for those who would rather ride her vines than fill her up, will be posted soon. A Fera section of the CoC catalog will go live at that time.

Spa Day is now posted.

What was once a barely-realized sample with poor wording and sound quality, is now the updated file I feel is most improved over the original. It features much better wording, no sample, no plug for the site, just a relaxation piece which ends in an open-ended way to let you put other files after it.

The soon-to-be-released Erotic Spa Day will be an add-on for it, that you just stick on your playlist after Spa Day. This prevents duplicative content and lets you decide if you feel like visiting the final 2 doors in the treatment today, or not.

Udder Surrender is almost done recording but my throat hurts from jumping between so many files today, so I'll finalize it in the morning.

Lastly, Fenoxo told me I am free to do content based on his new game "Trials in Twisted Space". I'm going to post a review of this game and my impressions on it, tomorrow, along with links to his crowdfunding and main web sites for it. I feel it is very sexy and fapworthy, and it contains some fetish writing that is to die for.

Now I am done for the day, I have answered a lot of emails.

Over 200 people have entered the draw - which closes at noon on Thursday, so follow that link and enter now.

Sound Complaints and File Status

To people who have recently complained about sound quality, sorry about that.

On top of the limits of my equipment, I am in a place with a highway outside, thin building walls, and electrical interference from many electronic devices. Not much to be done about that. I do not have a private studio, I do have housemates and animals, and my office window faces the street. I have to frequently stop, edit, and adjust, as everyone does. Still I have been improving quality since the time I released Dual Latex Succubus and updated my equipment, and any files older than that will be demonstrably worse in quality.

This is why you've seen so many re-done files lately: These old files are an embarrassment I am going to fix by re-releasing them with more content and better sound quality.

To anyone who swore off my files for their poor older sound quality, please try some of the new ones and see that I have improved. I am not the best I could be, but I'm working on it along with everything else.

To those complaining about my re-releases of older files - I am sorry that it bothers you. The new versions contain additional content, wording improvements, and sound improvements, so I will keep doing them until anything older than Dual Latex Succubus, has been re-done. I have scripts for most of these though I may put out a general call for scripting of old files once I check which I don't have, to help me move toward this goal. In the spirit of this, I have just recorded a re-done Day At The Spa and Udder Surrender (one free, one pay), as well as a free Halloween season piece from CoC (I wrote it on Halloween but had technical difficulties getting it posted). A sequel to it will come soon, but hey we don't have to keep creepy stuff confined. I have uploaded the halloween piece and will put up the other two in the morning. The piece features Fera, Goddess of the Predatory Hunt, from CoC - and her pumpkin. Tasty treats. I might do something with candied canine peppers, in the days to come. Anyway you can get Dark Night - Fill It for $20. Dark Night - Get Filled will come in the next few days for those of you who like to receive anal or pussy stimulation ;) This version is for those of you who prefer your stimulus on your cocks. This file is a special exception to the usual process for becoming free, by the way: It will become free on Halloween of next year. So if you wanna wait all year, you can then get all the halloween files for free, though by then next year's will of course be out.

Lastly, a confession. Some of the threats and trolling and general bullshit got to me. I know I need to have a thicker skin, but I honestly got almost nothing done for a full week due to just considering quitting. Which was a bad thought, and I've gotten over it. I am doing much better, thanks for all the support. Please don't miss out on the draw! If you're a fan, you have nothing to lose by entering.

Newly Uploaded:

Dark Night - Fill Her

Releases completed but not yet uploaded:

A Day At The Spa
Udder Surrender

Releases Almost Complete:

Pack of Candied Peppers (A collection of canine-transformation-themed canine pepper files from CoC)
Foot Fetish Induction and Succubus
Limpness File, Mantra, and Refresher
Relaxation File
Feminine Succubus Transformation File

Releases Written But Not Recorded or Finalized:
Succubus Harem
2 Alternative Inductions + Succubus Triggers

Releases Not Yet Written, Just Planned:
Sexual/Interaction Both Sides Succubus File
The Various Contest Customs
Whitney's Farm Completed

November Draw Closed

EDIT: This draw is now closed. Check back in December!

Due to the successful sales last month, I will be holding a draw this month. In order to enter you must:

1) Send an email to [email protected]

2) The subject line must be Contest Entry
Just those two words, Contest Entry
Using any other subject line might result in your email not being counted for the draw.

3) You must include the answer to the following skill testing question, and nothing else, in your email.

(144 + 26) / (8+2) = Answer

Provide the answer, use the right subject line, and send your email.

Draw closes on November 6th at noon EST.

Prizes: The prize will be your choice of 60 minutes of custom file work OR every single premium file up to the end of October.

Pumpkin Spice!

Due to being somewhat demoralized for a while there, I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. But all the remaining custom files are almost done, and I managed to make something holiday themed. It really fits the general harvest time theme (which includes November) as much as Halloween.

I will do some general creepy stuff, but also some general relaxing pre-winter stuff, in the coming weeks.

There will be no custom files this month.

We hit 4500 for the month of October, so there WILL be a draw, which will open at noon tomorrow, instead of opening today, but will remain open for the same five day period. Don't worry, I'll announce it on twitter and tumblr as usual.

Main site goals are to get all the old poor quality files replaced, then taken down, and to get the ratio of free to pay files to 50 percent. Once I have done this, instead of doing mostly pay files, I will begin doing half and half free and pay. Sometimes I'll do an extra pay file due to stretch goals making free files, or time rotating things into being free.

Currently 70 percent of files are free, so the goal is to even that out while still doing SOME free stuff, thus below.

Now, the files completed today:

A Day At The Spa - Re-done (A free relaxation fantasy piece I did a long time ago, free, but with improved quality to replace the crappy original)
Dark Night - Fill It (A Corruption of Champions file for the halloween season in general. You discover some strange vegetation near your campsite. This is actually a protrusion of the predatory goddess of the hunt, Fera, who will reward especially virile or fertile suitors who interact with her sexual representative in this reality. This is the version for those who want their cock to get some special treatment. The version for filling yourself with the vines connected to the plant goddess' body, will come later.)
Udder Surrender (to go with all the breast-centric files lately!)

These will be posted shortly, just getting them uploaded but having minor technical difficulties.

Almost complete and coming in the next few days:
Canine Peppers Files
Subby Canine Pet file
Limpness Programming file set
Erotic Day At The Spa - Re-done
Foot fetish induction and succubus file.

Re-Done File, Free File

Hey everyone. Things were rough for me for a bit, sorry about that. Better now.

Re-recorded the old poor quality Milking The Stud into a longer file that ties in with Prized Stud Triggers and Stud Call. So now the three work together, Stud Call and Milking The Stud describe similar settings, and can go after Prized Stud as alternative endings to a listening section.

Also I hit the 4000 goal, which means that First Principles For Men is now free. I need to do the womens' version one of these days.

Got about another 5 or 6 files in various states of completion and more to do after. Also trying to get a halloween file, or pair of files, done in time.

1) Limpness file (Custom) + Mantra + short reinforcement piece
2) Foot Fetish Induction and Body file (custom)
3) Submissive Canine files (Custom)
4) A calming relaxation piece (Custom)
5) Succubus Feminization (Custom)
6) Succubus Harem (Custom)
7) Trained For Triggers (Custom)
8) Two Inductions (Custom) (Succubus and strong amnesia pieces)
9) Drink Me file (Custom)
10) Various contest customs come after paid work
11+) My own projects including CoC work and re-doing old poor quality files into extended more modern versions.

As you can see, the schedule is mildly full. Most of these are 40 or 60 minute pieces. Writing is done on a lot of them but then it is tweaks, takes, edits, and samples until I get to the end.

The draw is confirmed for next month by the way, as you'll have noticed from the stretch goals. If I hit the 4500 goal before noon on Nov. 1st, there will be 3 winners rather than 2, and the prizes will be upgraded just like they were last month.

There will be NO custom files next month, taking a rare break from them, especially after all the support I got last month. I will be doing them in December however, and I might do a rush service for those who want them before the holiday season.


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