File Costs Reduced, August Draw Open

Draw For August

The August draw is open. There will be two prizes - a custom file, and a full set of premium files, each to a different winner. This is because the 3500 stretch goal was hit. To enter, email mistress at eSuccubus dot com with the answer to the following math problem. Make sure to use an email address that you receive email at. I will email you back accepting your entry and confirming you are on the list.

(10-5) x (2+3) is the skill testing question. Include the answer to this question in the text of your email to the above address in order to be eligible to win. This draw is open to anyone who wants to enter, no purchase necessary. Enter away, and good luck to everyone.

Entry into the draw will remain open until August 5th at 12:00 Noon EST, at which time it will close and no new entries will be accepted.

File Promise

Well, as per the File Promise linked from the right hand sidebar, any file which is over 6 months old drops to 5 dollars in price. And any file which is 2 years old and pay, becomes free. Any file 3 or more years old becomes retired from the site, but I have none like that right now.

Files That Have Dropped to 5 Dollar Cost:

Aunt Nancy Encounter down from $10 to $5
A New Need - Men's Version down from $10 to $5
Butt Bunny Bondage Redone down from $10 to $5
Maid To Order Pack down from $10 to $5

There would be more but people keep funding up to the stretch goals so all the oldest premium files are free already.

Just hit 3500, 4000 stretch goal by tomorrow noon? Final count, freebie update

The final count for this month, as reflected on the Work Logs page, is 7 pay files, 3 free files, and 7 files that were pay made free, including Amazonian Assistance, Aunt Nancy Encounter, both Evening From E files, Bunny Breeder, and others.

I owe 1 free file, so next month there will be 4-6 free files, +1 if I hit the 2500 stretch goal. I will roll a die to determine how many freebies as a proportion of the planned 15 files (16 if I hit 2500).

The proportion of pay files to free files is 189/252 - 75 percent are free. This number will weigh a little more toward pay when I trim the oldest poor quality files and begin re-recording them. When I hit 50 percent free and 50 percent pay, I will change from 15 a month to 16 a month, 8 pay and 8 free to keep the balance, with more free if I hit stretch goals.

I just hit 3500 for the month, this means that next month all files will be 10 percent off, and also there will be an additional prize in the free draw which is open to everyone and begins tomorrow around noon.

If I hit 4000 before noon tomorrow, somehow (which I doubt, with customs being absent), I will make an additional file free, but considering I've made 7 pay files free this month, I'm not too put out by not hitting that milestone. Thanks to everyone who has contributed this month, but hey if you all push me to 4000, I'll carry through on the next stretch goal.

Look for more files tomorrow in thanks.

New Files, End of Month, Sale Ending

If anyone sees this, I'll be turning off the price reductions in the morning, so pick stuff up now while it is still discounted. I'm currently doing up the work log, filling in the empty spaces. I've been focused on doing custom files, but this month unfortunately saw a large number of custom files that were unsuitable for main site release. Still there have been quite a few. Yesterday I posted Puppy Urges, and today I posted Bimbotization & Masturbation. I'm going to try and do a few more later tonight after midnight and class them under "today" on the work log and monthly report.

I have come up just shy of 3500 for the month, owing to the reduction in released files, I think. But next month in spite of having no customs, i think the increased pay file production and new CoC sections will help meet higher stretch goals. Still I made above my goal for the month, so I have more savings, which makes me more comfortable and encourages me to work. So thank you all, I appreciate your patronage and your interest. To everyone who is still being patient on custom files, you'll have your work before 1 month has passed from hiring it, so don't worry, I will meet the deadline and all your files are mostly done, at least written and in many cases in half-recorded form being tinkered with and relistened to check out the flow.

There will be a free draw, open to everyone, starting tomorrow. I'll open it around noon. Prize will be a complete set of all premium files currently on the site as of the time I open the draw. To enter you will have to email me the answer to a skill testing question, from an email address you will actually receive email at.

Upcoming files include succubus stuff, a lock-the-door style file, and some more feminization someone hired. In CoC news, Kelt file and more mino stuff.

I will announce the sales are ending on twitter and tumblr as well in a moment, as well as the draw. Hope everyone is having a good night.

$3000 stretch goal met, Evening With E part 1 and 2 now free!

I've hit the 3000 stretch goal. You'll find that Evening With E is now free due to this.

Part 1
Part 2

I will be holding a raffle, free to all, on the 1st of August, as a thank you for hitting this goal. Anyone can enter, not just customers - so I'll announce it on twitter, tumblr, and here. This time, the method to enter will be to email me the answer to a skill-testing question, details will be pinned to the front page. The draw will open on the 1st and close on the 5th. The prize will be every custom file released to date. Last month's winners are not eligible to win this month, please be honest.

The next stretch goal is 3500. If I hit that level, there will be a 10 percent discount on ALL files next month as well as adding a single custom file to the prize pool, bringing us to 2 winners.

Thanks to everyone for your support. Please continue to enjoy my work, there will be more freebies later today. The Succubus files are coming nicely. Please give me feedback when you get a chance, the email address is at the top right. I'm going to update the Work Log now

Free File and $2500 stretch goal

Well I hit the $2500 stretch goal so here is a free file above and beyond what I had planned.

So I made Trance In The Bar.

Stretch Goal Met! Farm page up, new file.

The first Cowgirl Wrangling file is up, 20 bucks for 60 minutes of cowgirl subduing and pleasuring fun, with sexy assistance. This can be found on its own page or on the Farm page.

This is the first of a series of planned cowgirl wrangling files with different endings. Kelt files are lined up to be coming out soon, but I have more Succubus commissions to do for now.

Also I met my 2500 stretch goal, so there will be an extra free file this month and a discount of 5 percent on all files next month. If I hit the 3000 goal, we'll have another free draw open to all, and also the oldest file on the site (Evening With E part 1 and 2) will become free permanently.

No custom files in August.

I will not be doing any custom files in August. Instead I will focus on my own projects during august like getting CoC files done and prettying up the catalog. Thank you for understanding. Custom files will open as normal in September.


I have a bunch of files done, I'll keep releasing at a rate of 1 a day for the rest of the month to catch up. I just posted Automatically, which I hope people enjoy. More free CoC stuff will come out as I open each area, so don't fret. I just finished a Naga file but I won't be releasing it on the main site until I have the desert area done over the next few days. I'll drop a link to it on my tumblr later today, so if you're not following me there, you should.

I have also brought the Work Logs page up to date, for those who have not checked it lately.

Just 250 more until the 2500 stretch goal is met, and there will be 5 free files instead of 4 this month. Well, really we're at like 10 free files and climbing because I made a bunch free, but I mean new free files.

Wednesday - Corrupt Questions - The Farm

Crossposted to My Tumblr so you can also answer it there, or post below.

I’ve decided to get reader input on what kind of stuff I should do in each CoC category. I don’t have much worry about ordinary non-CoC files because I have a massive list of those people have requested.

I’ll start with the area I’m trying to finish first, the Farm -

The Farm is home to cow girls - large breasts, often multi-nippled and docile, their addictive milk is restorative and calming. Their sexual appetites periodically flare up, for which minotaur pheremones wafting down from the nearby mountains can sometimes be blamed. They utilize the farm’s “milking machine”, a large suction cup laden device, to empty their breasts before the swelling of their lactation becomes too much. Gentle and kind, the cow girls at the farm live in a barn that is more rightly a hotel - lodging rooms, large beds, free meals. The farm’s proprietor Whitney does a good job growing other produce, and also the milk, and the farm is a safe and protected place.

A small centaur herd does live here, with the sole male being Kelt - rude, overbearing, but a consummate archer who is of use to the farm’s defenses. Marble, the prize cow girl, might take a shine to a wandering guy or gal willing to help her with her aching udders.

Planned encounters include cock and breast milking devices, cowgirl orgy, centaur stuff with Kelt, the Breaking Kelt content from the game for the sadistic among you, and Marble’s storyline plus follower path. The farm isn’t huge and there isn’t a ton on it, so I think it is a good candidate to finish up first. Of course once “finished” people can still hire custom content for an area and I may come back to it myself if I get a good idea.

The point is to create an interlocking world of erotica while incorporating traditional deepeners, relaxing pieces, and inductions+triggers, hopefully people like what I’ve achieved so far.

Thus far the only farm content is the free Helping Marble piece.

But I’m not limiting myself to just canon encounters. If you have an idea for something that would fit into this theme and the creatures mentioned, please share it with me below.

So, any ideas or requests before I launch into the farm in earnest?

Factory area up!

The Factory page is up, as is the Places tab though I only have Factory in it so far. If you browse the CoC catalog, please check links and report any apparent errors. The pages are all very samey and I tend to copy and paste a lot, but I'll do full testing before I take the WIP tag off anyway. Once the CoC section is done, I will make the normal catalog entries, including the CoC entries, more normalized and readable as well as making them easier to navigate, so don't worry, things are proceeding. The next files I will work on are a) more succubi, and b) some Town Ruins stuff like Shouldra. I hope people like Visiting Venus, I'd appreciate feedback, and on the new file too. I'll add Tel'Adre later. Don't worry, the catalog will be done within the week. But to celebrate a new page being set up, I made another file free. This time, Factory - New Hire. I also released a new file, 10 bucks for 30 minutes, Factory - Experimental Methods. There is a sample, both are in the catalog and can also be found on the factory page itself.

Look for another file, directed at women this time, to come out in the factory vein somewhat soon.

To recap, the following files have become free in the last few days:

Goblin Girl - Pay The Toll
Amazon Assistance
Bunny Breeder - Tentacle Beast
Factory - New Hire
Visiting Venus was released free.
You can find all of them either on their own page of the CoC encyclopedia, or in the catalog, or with the search bar, or by scrolling through the frontpage posts about them.
More to come soon!


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