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General Status + Free minotaur cock

Well, lots of people bought Minotaur Cock. Specifically 26 people. I have to believe this means people want more minotaur files!

So I am making Minotaur Cock free.

This file was originally conceived as a cock-themed piece for women, the idea of being controlled by something separate and unique, written with the transformative aspect of that desire in mind, so hopefully people will try it. I'm also working on a CoC guidebook which will make creating a Corruption of Champions playlist more enjoyable and easier to assemble.

I have commissioned some art to spruce up the site as well, and am working on planning things like new header images, catalog icons, maybe even a whole new catalog setup that looks more like a store and less like a blog.

But the priority is the work. So I'll be recording all morning! Enjoy the new, free, Minotaur Cock.

Look for more mino-cock themed files in future.

Catalog Changing

Hey all. I continue to make changes to the catalog, and to work on people's final customs. I'll be reopening customs in mid may, maybe even at the start. If you want to see the progress on the improved catalog, you can find it here:

Though it is by no means done yet. You'll also notice at the bottom right of every page, beneath the contribution tracker, I currently track what percentage of files on the site are pay versus what percent are free. Currently 79 percent of all files are free. So I'll probably put out a bunch of pay stuff to even it out then go back to 1:1 balance. Hope everyone had a good weekend, look for some Sunday releases.

Seeking Women

I am looking for women who enjoy submission and hypnosis in general, so I figured this was the ideal place to put a want ad. For an example of my more recent work, check out Overflowing.

New Files - Cerulean Succubus, Linkages induction

Well the first Cerulean Succubus Encounter file is done, there's a sample, so check it out. The full version is $20 and is 55 minutes long.

There's also Linkages which is a good induction for transformation and trigger files and is free.

Today Only!

Today only, Butt Bunny Bondage Redone, Amazon Assistance, and Abduction 2 are free at the links below. These are all recent files, get them while you can!

I hope a bunch of people enjoyed these while they were going out. Stay tuned for more.

Custom Requests Closed

Custom requests are closed until further notice, but all current requests are nearly complete, and they should reopen within a few weeks, month at the most. In the meantime new files will continue to come out. I will also be making a section of the site for suggestions/requests and for voting on the next month's files - so don't worry, you'll get a say.

New File

I added an awakener to the Sound of Sleep file set, so now there is both an awakener and an induction on that page.

New files - March 19th

As you can see on the right hand bar, there are new files!

Crossposted from Tumblr:

Didn’t get the Cerulean Succubus finished, but in the last few days the following has gone out:

Overflowing - a free hands free orgasm piece. This is free.

Chaste Pet Training - pantied, locked chastity device, associated with pleasure and the sound of my voice helping the listener relax. Has a free mantra with it.

Sound of Sleep Induction - Works with Chaste Pet Training very well, but is a general relaxing induction associating my voice with general relaxation regardless of file or context.

Amazonian Assistance - Set in the CoC universe, this file is the lake-borne Champion finding an isle containing futa amazons who need help, given one of them has imbibed a lust potion and cannot now slake her need without the help of an outside intermediary. But all is not as it seems. A sample can be found here.

New file - Abduction 2 and Notices

Not really supposed to be working today, but I did anyway. You'll see Abduction 2 is up for the taking in the right hand bar.

A few reminders: First, mozilla firefox often has trouble with my site. Use any other browser and you should have no problems buying things.

Second, if you send me an email via the Contact Form, I will completely ignore it unless you include a real, valid, working email address for me to get back to you at. This goes out to "[email protected]" and goes double if you're trying to hire a custom file. That kind of thing needs dialog.

EDIT: In light of great interest, custom requests are closed until further notice. Probably for 2 weeks.


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