Challenge: Hold Back

This file constitutes a playful challenge from me to the listener. You don't win anything, except your enjoyment. Originally a custom file, it is 50 minutes long. Essentially the listener is challenged to resist orgasm, even as their sensitivity is enhanced, setting aside the usual resistance and inevitably giving in. Slight teasing tone to file overall, vivid descriptions of pleasure, and at the end an invitation to stroke 60 times and resist cumming - the file makes allowances for those who cum before it is over, specifically mentioning this, and incorporating that aforementioned punishment/teasing angle. The Runtime Induction is included and fits the file seamlessly, but an induction-free copy of the file body is also in the zip for those who would rather have something different. This file includes my personal notes taken before recording. Elements of entrainment included, enjoy!

This was someone's custom file request - a kind of teasing challenge or game between the listener and the speaker. On the other hand, the real goal IS to cum with heightened sensitivity while listening, not to actually hold out. The teasing tone is tied to this. This is good for those who like orgasm control. The themes in this file are tightly related to those at work in Overflowing - specifically the idea of an internal balance between resistance to orgasm and sensitivity. Going too far one way would remove all sensation while going too far the other way would lead to one stroke causing an orgasm. You can probably work out which way the balance leans here, and hopefully people like the theme.

- File Length: 50 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file


This is a piece about locking in those desirable changes which have been made under hypnosis, because the listener desires them - making them recur and fuel themselves, making them more illustratively self-sustaining and making the case for avoiding or resisting less potent. It is always a pleasure to serve, after all. Note that this file is loopable - it ends with the word "good" and loops back around to "pet" at the beginning. It is chastity centric.

This was a custom file someone requested which discusses in detail the idea that as one has continuously listened to my voice, it has become the tone of their inner monologue. If this is the case, it has become part of one already and these changes - regardless of listening habits or theoretical desire - must be desirable. To give them up might not be entirely desirable, and it is a pleasure to serve - always.

= File Length: 18 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

December 2017 Status Report

Well the first week of December has come and gone. Most site clerical work stuff is done, and I released Experimental Methods 2. Next is going to be some meditative and relaxing stuff - when my voice comes back.

Had a bad flu, not only coughing fits but fever, body aches, some nausea, the whole thing. Doing better now.

I've been writing plenty, even when sick, so I'm well ahead on script creation. As soon as I can record, you'll see new stuff.

But today's announcement has to do with older content. I plan to make a lot of audio from 2 years ago and earlier, free. Some of them I will repackage with new sequels, others I am going to organize into lesson plan packs that you can pick up at some reward level or another on Patreon. I'm going to be taking anything I think should be basic listening and making it free for everyone.

You will find a more structured basic tutorial for newcomers rolling out this month.

New stories and books are in the works, but they're behind organization and new releases, in terms of priorities.

As always, email me anytime at if you want to talk or have some feedback or a file idea.

Hope you are all staying warm and sleepy out there. Good season for long naps. Going to take one now, and send out some

Expect to see the following this month:

Ice Pattern Induction
The Weight (good for naps)
The Quilt (good for naps)
Restoration (self care file with some sexy add ons)
Centaur Transformation + threesome with hot lizard girls
Challenge: Hold On - Stud
Spider Girl - Clothes Shopping
Succubus Whispers
Just A Little More Latex 3-5

There will also be some things packaged up, made free, and I'm trying to work on some games and books in the background too.


Experimental Methods 2

More factory fun for listeners with a penis. The tall blonde bimbo secretarial succubus with the long tongue and the blue skin has taken you out back after you passed out in pleasure. She licked you, lightly humiliated, milked some orgasms out of you, and tested some new corruption methods. But you're still intact enough, so she and her friend - a muscled and tanned succubus - try some new devices.

Unfortunately, letting the bimbo succubus control the device means it ends up misused and then used for her own pleasure.

While wrestling with the muscled succubus, things get intensely pleasurable, you gain the upper hand, and all of you end up cumming your way into a mindless and restful nap.

Light humiliation, prostate milking, focus upon your cock and some seductive succubus venom into the mix.

Of course, you're not fully corrupted yet by the end... so there is more to come.

- File Length: 30 Minutes

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. but consider the Story and Journey Induction.

  3. This file

Related Corruption of Champions Files

Getting Into Character - Servant

Sometimes you want to make things orderly, clean up, organize, improve the world. Whether it is for yourself or someone else, this is a service provided to the world. The fabric of the world, the shape of events, is improved and optimized by your actions.

The mindset of the true servant, improving the environment around you and adding order to it. This is a role with certain powers, certain responsibilities. Embrace them, explore them, and let yourself serve in the most automatic way possible and with the memory of how good it feels to improve and provide.

- File Length: 20 Minutes

Otter Goddess Meditation

Out by a flowing river running through idyllic farmland, you encounter a giant otter - the spirit and goddess of a river.

She invites you to ride on her chest down the river, shielding you from rain and allowing you to float down a waterfall with her.

A joint project between myself and Ulfra Wolfe, first released over on Moonlit Hypnosis, this is a long fantasy visualization meditation encompassing nature and general gratitude/compassion themes.

- Duration - 38 Minutes

A Cowgirl's Bell

Follow-up to the Getting Into Character - Cowgirl pack. Wearing a bell on a collar, hearing a bell ringing, anywhere it happens - that sound becomes a trigger to think about your heavy breasts and cowgirl mindlessness. Maybe a partner will use a ringing bell as a trigger, or you will get a collar and hang a bell from it so you will be stimulated and reminded of your status wherever you go. Whatever the cause of your regular exposure to the sound, even if you just happen across it, the invitation and encouragement in this file will have your heavy breasts weighing your down and your empty mind turning to the next time you can take in some cowgirl training. Includes intense meditation upon and fascination with your own breasts.

This file is available as a Reward. The assignment portion of this series is available as a demo below.

- Length: 20 Minutes
- Check out the 5 min assignment portion of Getting Into Character - Cowgirl here.

A Forewarned Word - Submit

Sometimes I drop the trappings of trance and discuss something a bit more insidious.

Your mind's own tendency to obsessively turn over clever turns of phrase or tempting imagery. You'll hold on to it, all I have to do is give it to you.

I will speak of how tightly your mind holds on to concepts presented alluringly and arousingly.

If my voice arouses, then an explanation of my personal philosophy of submission should stick in your mind quite nicely.

True submission, its purpose, its use, and its continuous self-reinforcing nature.

Later instalments in the series will get increasingly tempting and provocative until the most intense ending brings it all together.

But this is where it begins.

Consider using the A Warning About Words induction, deepener, and awakener alongside this file as they were made to forewarn you.

- File Length: 8 Minutes

Just A Little More - Got Milk? 1

The temptation to go just a little further, just a little deeper, is very great. This is especially true when you visualize your big milk-filled breasts weighing your very mind down and making more milk out of your spare thoughts.

Get comfortable, combine this with the "You Sure?" induction, and settle in for an introductory journey.

Perhaps you will stop after this one, or maybe you will go onward to the second instalment - and the third, the fourth, the fifth as they appear.

Be careful how much you let into your mind. After about the second one, I won't be holding back.

But relax, the most you'll find here is some soothing cowgirl thoughts.

Make sure to check out the other 'Just A Little More' series files.

Just A Little More - Latex 2

The temptation to go just a little further, just a little deeper, is very great. This is especially true when you visualize controlling, corruption, influential latex on every inch of your body.

Get into any latex gear you have, combine this with the "You Sure?" induction, and the first one in this category.
Perhaps you will stop after this one, or maybe you will go onward to the second instalment - and the third, the fourth, the fifth as they appear.

Be careful how much you let into your mind. After about the second one, I won't be holding back.

In this file, the latex drone thoughts get more intense and might become quite overwhelming if you give them a chance. Mechanistic visualization metaphors and an invitation to cherish your latex covering are included.

Make sure to check out the other 'Just A Little More' series files.


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