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Heya. I have many men I play with, and one woman, looking for people who want to help balance that out. If any of my listeners who are women want to play with me, let me know by emailing me at [email protected] and we will talk.

You can see more details in my Tumblr post, here.

This is just a private thing for fun, I'm looking for those who don't mind showing off for me on video and enjoy my work. Any woman who wants to explore having fun with me directly and giving feedback, drop me a line and we can discuss your fetishes and interests, and our compatibility. People who already listen to my work and are experienced, are nice, but people who want to experiment and try something new are welcome too.

This is entirely personal and nothing to do with the site, except to get feedback since I will share a lot of my work that is posted on here for you to check out and comment on.

Latex Succubus Complete Pack

This pack collects all the Latex Succubus files. The Latex Succubus Files are about installing a mental externalization - dual succubi, on the one hand helpful, on the other sensual. Addiction to rubber, a general arousal in the presence of latex, always wearing same, edging and ruining orgasms are all discussed and stressed. A special deepener is included, as well as the exclusive Latex Succubus Refresher Re-Done file.

The included exclusive awakener incorporates amnesia and an instruction to masturbate.

Latex Bath Advanced - Free
Latex Bath Awakener - Exclusive
Latex Succubus Refresher - Exclusive
Succubus Trigger Deepener - Free
Lightside Latex Succubus Re-Done - $10
Darkside Latex Succubus Re-Done - $10
Lightside Latex Succubus Advanced - $10
Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced - $10
Discount - -$10
Total: $30

The files are made to be loopable so you can pick and choose which ones to include in each session. On the self-help side, generally being pro-active, weathering constructive criticism, and rewarding yourself for jobs well done are discussed.

Listening order is outlined in the included text file.

Light Side -
Dark Side - Add to Cart - $30 CAD / €20.40 - Over 2.5 hours (Total 160 minutes) of content!

Hit the 3500 goal

Thanks to everyone who has bought things this month. I might hit the 4000 goal, in which case the oldest premium file would become free, namely the edging file Edge and Tease.

I've released a lot of files in the last few days, including re-done Latex Succubus files and sequels to them as well as some inductions and a deepener. CoC content will resume once I get a few more things done.

Things on my to-do list:

Custom files.
Bondage Triggers 2 Re-Done
Latex Bath Awakener Re-Done
Latex Bath Refresher Re-Done
Latex Succubus Complete (all latex succubus files including the exclusive Refresher file Re-Done, and a copy of Bondage Triggers 2 which has a latex trigger + the trigger deepener which fits the theme)
Fix the catalog entries so all pages use the download buttons and have clear lines between entries, remove superfluous titles. Tag entries. For example tag all the trigger files with "trigger" so you can search by that by clicking the link. Tag all lactation files, all succubus files, and so on. Tag freely so people can search by interest.
Basic Triggers Re-Done
Advanced Triggers Re-Done
Bondage Triggers Re-Done
Submit (File for submissives, paired with Rule)
Rule (File for dominants, paired with Submit)
Couples Pack (stuff like Gateway of Control, Beloved Fixation, Submit and Rule, both Bondage Triggers)
Re-Done Trigger Pack (Gonna put all the re-done trigger files into one pack for 5 bucks along with a special induction, and little phrase files of me saying each trigger)

Canadian Sales Now A-OK - Almost to 3500 - Latex Files Incoming

Found a way to easily total up my GST applicable Canadian sales and remit them, so people are now allowed to buy from the site if they are in Canada. Previously I had a nightmare of a time tracking down sales. Canadian fans can now buy things, enjoy!

Finishing touches on Latex Succubus Advanced files, both lightside and darkside, expanding on the prior Dual Latex Succubus, will be completed today. I will also be re-recording the old latex succubus files with improvements and additions. That is today's project. I'll also re-do some old stuff like the Bondage Triggers, and come out with a new generic Succubus piece.

As to CoC content, farm, including canine peppers and cowgirl content, is a priority.

3000 Goal Met: Bee Pregnancy now free

For those Corruption of Champions fans among you, good news! Due to hitting the 3000 goal, Bee Pregnancy Complete is now permanently free. I hope people enjoy it. Also there will be 2 winners of next month's draw instead of one.

I just finished Latex Succubus Induction Advanced and will post it later today. I also wrote Lightside Latex Succubus Advanced and Darkside Latex Succubus Advanced. All are expansions on the existing Dual Latex Succubus files. I am going to re-record the old ones to give them better quality, and put all 7 files into one pack for people to pick up, in addition to posting the new induction for free (it's a good fantasy induction though it fits best with the files it was made for).

I am going to begin tagging files with the triggers used in them, themes like Lactation, Latex, etc., and that way you'll be able to look stuff up by more than just main category.

Anyway, thanks everyone.

Wow! Goal met.

My monthly goal of 2000 just got met. So now we're on to the first stretch goal of 2500. If 2500 is met, all files will be discounted by 5 percent next month, and I will release 1 more free file than planned, so 6 free files this month instead of 5. I will be releasing more work either late tonight or afternoon tomorrow, depending on how much I get through. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. Look for erotic stories sometime in the next month or two, by the way.

Also I will set up a patreon and do a site chat or something as a reward for backers, as well as exclusive files, just to give people a more general way to contribute and see their contributions, than the "costs" button.

Look for Latex Succubus stuff to be the next files.

Our Story So Far

So here is what has been released thus far this month:

More to come, but for now, enjoy! I'm working on a few different "packs" - discounted collections of files including an exclusive piece or two. Remember, if you want your user account activated so you can comment, just email me and say hi like a human. Address is in the top right.

New Stuff

If you check the CoC catalog you'll see Succubus Course - For Cocks is under the new Tel'Adre spa. I've also added the Spa to the Recent Additions links you see at the top of the CoC Catalog when you first click into it.

Tomorrow I'll do a new induction or two. I'm also re-recording old files with many additions and better overall quality, so look forward to it. If I owe you a custom file from the contest, or from hire, expect it by the end of the month. My goal is to see if I can get 1 file released per every day of the month.

So far, 2/30.


Someone plugged this site to me. Only been on it for thirty seconds so use your own judgement and as always be careful who you play with, be up front, honest, and consensual, but do have fun! It's an erotic hypnosis chat room. You can find me on there as MistE. If you look at the right hand side of the site you can see under Contact I've put "Am I on Sleepychat as MistE?". If it says "yes", that's me. If not, it's someone else. Check here to make sure you're talking to the real deal. I will change it to "no" when I am offline.

September Draw Now Closed - Winners

I have replied to the last few people and then I did the draw.

Out of the 151 entrants, our two winners are:

Wandering Blip


I Were Pants.

These people have just been emailed to ask them which prize they would prefer, and I will deliver said prize later today.

Thank you everyone for entering. Remember if you want another draw to happen next month, simply buy some stuff from the site when it comes up and if I meet my goal, we'll hold another free draw open to all. Thanks so much! To everyone who didn't win, better luck next time, but there will be plenty of free content this month too.

To the few people waiting on customs (notably the succubus massage and latex succubus, as well as the canine pepper series), please bear with me as I recover from some now-fading burnout.

Thanks again to everyone who sent words of encouragement.


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