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The Quilt

  • A piece to help travelers relax in the usually unpleasant environment associated with long transit.
  • Loopable, so you can put it on repeat until journey's end.
  • Non-erotic self help meditations only.
  • General positive/supportive language throughout.
  • Suitable for train, bus, plane.
  • Soothingly tune out the journey and arrive refreshed.

- File Length: 15:06 - 14MB

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Confidence In Action

  • Confidence self-help theme.
  • Discusses 'freezing" in interpersonal, work, and chore contexts.
  • Non-erotic self help meditations only.
  • General positive/supportive language throughout.

- File Length: 25:15 - 23MB

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Dragon Shifter - Enhancement

  • Sequel to Dragon Shifter - Materialization.
  • Builds on themes from the the previous file.
  • Both erotic and self-help elements.
  • Includes description of shifter's "lair" and general visualization suggestions.
  • Reward only.

- File Length: 36:50 - 33.7MB

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Fetish Cultists

On small islands throughout the lake, individuals in peculiar robes are known to study magic of the particular corrupted sort that has come to Mareth in recent years. Their lustful minds are often irrational and focused on narrow, interesting fetishes. Their magical potential is so great that they tend to warp the world around them, including causing others to see them as they imagine themselves, and to become part of their fantasies. When they experience orgasm, these individuals also cause others to share that climax.

Often they will become invested in some scenario or idea, and will try to convince passerby to join them. Becoming too wrapped up in their way of thinking, pulls one into their world and can make the impossible, possible - and often pleasurable. Their motives are strange, but they never seem to do any lasting harm and can leave one with quite wonderful memories.

  • (Public) Fetish Cultist - Potion Stand - A peculiar woman has set up a stand selling potions. But she has lost her price list, so the canny listener might discover quite the bargain. Of course, unlabelled potions with simple descriptions might do ANYTHING. A story of grinding, massage, sexy panties and seductive denial - with the promise of a sequel. Detailed, arousing, immersive, cute. Check it out.

    The Lake Induction -> This File

    - File Length: 48 Minutes - 44MB

  • (Backer Only) Fetish Cultist - Shop Service - A sequel to Potion Stand. The listener, still afflicted with the potion from the stand, goes to an island in the lake seeking a cure. In exchange for the listener's participation in a fluid-harvesting ritual (quite pleasant in nature), the cure and climax are delivered. Features returning cast and new characters, as well as implications about what is really going on with the Fetish Cultists. You can chain this file right after Potion Stand if you want a very long session, or listen to it after the Lake Induction for a normal playlist.

    The Lake Induction -> This File

    - File Length: 49 Minutes - 46MB

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Status - September 17th

All is well, wrote another 2 files, but couldn't record due to nearby construction during the day. Have things I must do late tonight so I'll record "thursday"'s release tomorrow.

For the first few weeks these three-times-a-week releases won't always be on time, but after that the goal is to build up a library of completed works ready to post on those days, then I can even queue them in advance and let them roll out in an automated way.

It won't always be 1 file, or 2, sometimes it will be more. I have quite a few written waiting to record, for example.

Next few will be dragon shifter's finale, Fetish Cultist sequel, and a self-help piece.

Get Hard

  • For listeners with penises.
  • Lengthy induction implying amnesia as to file contents.
  • "Get Hard" trigger tied to erection and arousal.
  • Ends with brief instructions to awaken, then several uses of the aforementioned trigger phrase
  • Encouragement to return included..
  • Lingering effects? Maybe morning wood.
  • Sound of snapping fingers used for emphasis throughout and alongside trigger.
  • Backer only.

- File Length: 20:36 - 18.8MB

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Cum Witch

*Statuesque and beautiful
*Huge breasts
*Penis and vagina both present
*Penis has magical and controlling properties
*Cum Witch is very overworked
*Pleasure, other than her penetrating other witches, is denied to her

Playlist Order: Desert Coven Induction -> One of these files

Click the title above if you are interested in viewing the list of encounters involving the Cum Witch.


IF you want more up-to-date updates including offhand everyday comments, check the Tumblr at - it is a blog on which I post file samples and ideas as well as how I'm doing and what projects I'm focusing on.

To update here: Yesterday I finished writing a script, and I finished 2 the day before that. Files with completed/revised scripts I plan to record today and tomorrow/the next day:

Dragon Shifter - Enhancements
Cum Witch - A Taste
Fetish Cultist - Shop Service
Goblin Girl - Pay The Toll remake
Psychic Control remake

I'm also writing a kind of general masturbatory fantasy, as well as an anal centric piece and various meditative relaxation files.

For those not supporting the Patreon, remember backers get a sneak peek document link letting them see what I'm working on as I complete it as well as schedules, poll questions, and site plans.

Donkey Transformation Procedure

  • Full donkey transformation theme.
  • Sci-fi - factory and high tech machines.
  • For listeners with penises.
  • Ends with attachment to cock-milking device, instruction to orgasm.
  • Best preceded by the Transformation Induction.
  • Lingering effects? Maybe the occasional braying sound.
  • Or sensation of lengthened penis.
  • Backer only.

- File Length: 30:04 - 27.5MB

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Transformation Induction

This is a conversational transformation induction for those who like bodily changes described in their transformation files, but prefer mental changes to be subtle or emergent. Beginning with the theme of your mind protected and apart, the file goes on to describe how changes to the hardware - the body - would nevertheless influence the insulated mind as it floats through a void of relaxation. Use this as an induction, or place it as a deepener between an induction and a body file. Enjoy.

This file can begin a playlist, as an induction, or follow an induction as a deepener.

- File Length: 9:38 - 8.82MB

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