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Pussy Worship

A file for those who want to worship their partner's pussy more intently. Best for those who have a specific partner in mind before beginning to listen. Incorporates elements of kneeling worship, ritual service to one's partner, and general supportive submission.
Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 20 Minutes

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Start of July Status

Pussy Worship, done recording.
Images Induction, done and waiting to be posted.
Images - Feminization, done and waiting to be posted.
Dragon Shifter Induction, waiting to be posted when I finish the 2 body files that go with it.
Masturbate To Sleep file - half recorded.
Cum Witch - written, partly recorded.
Fetish Cultist - written, partly recorded.
Catboy in Trouble - written
Seductive Succubi - written
Dragon Shifter 1 - written
Dragon Shifter 2 - drafted

and on and on, I'll update the to-do list in the morning, but progress is being made.

Those who have pledged through Patreon will be contacted with the backer pack and the chance to choose other rewads once all pledges clear.

Succubus Harem Series

These files work with the Latex Succubus, Arousal Succubus, and Feminine Succubus series. Basically any mental succubus files. This series helps to organize them into a coherent set of thoughts and fantasies and adds the framework to describe different succubi or come up with your own. Good for those who want to listen to multiple succubus sets and have a bridge between them or want to address something not discussed in the other succubus files. Includes some erotic fantasy and transformation material in the later files.

Externalizations of thought, mental companions, transformative, horny, always supportive, never jealous - your fantasies set loose as you relax and stimulate beautiful feminine forms which stimulate back. That is what these files discuss.

There are 8 files in this series. 7 Free, 1 Backer-Only. Click Here to view a summary of the entire series.

Succubus Harem - Reinforcement

This file reinforces all of the earlier content in the Succubus Harem Series. It draws on files such as Succubus Creation, Summoning Circle, Mental Mansion, and Support Structure

It includes a deepener to make sure the reinforcement is well presented, and it can be used as a lead-in to any of the other files in the series.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> Any Deepener -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 22 Minutes

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Succubus Harem - Transformation and Triggers

This file works with the other Succubus Harem files. It is a detailed transformation fantasy intended for listeners with penises. It incorporates a transformation fantasy including the addition of a second penis, a vagina, and highly sensitized skin. This file also goes into great detail about general transformative fantasies to be achieved alongside the conceptualized succubi in one's mental landscape.

Includes triggers to begin/end the play and general pro-transformative-play fantasy language.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> (Optional: Any Deepener such as the one in the Common Concepts pack) -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 52 Minutes

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Status and Upcoming Releases

Files are coming well. Getting more written than recorded right now because in the summer heat I can only close the window in the dead of night until I get air conditioning set up.

Succubus Transformation will be posted later today, the third to last file in the Succubus Harem set.

I am also writing a simple feminization piece someone requested, and I feel it is well written and fits their desires. The Dragon Shifter material is mostly written, I'll finalize and work on it when Succubus Harem is done in full.

After that, I'll be moving on to the Patreon reward customs for April's pledges. These were supposed to go out by the 21st, but due to the site switch over and all the April customs, they may be delivered as late as the 30th.

Then the files I've been tinkering with for the Farm, as well as the new catalog format, will be rolled out. The May custom rewards will be delivered on time - by the 22nd of july at the latest, probably earlier.

Look for files to post later. I'm also going to be organizing series of files on their own pages so you can see and download every related file on one page, then click through for further descriptions if you want.

Bit of work ahead, but it'll happen. If you want to see what I'm working on, click "To-Do List" on the top bar. I'm trying to keep it updated more often now.

As always, email me with any questions.

Lover's Trance - Watching Her

Walk into an office and find yourself tranced by its alluring feminine inhabitant, laid down, frozen, brought to climax along with your lover.

Someone asked for a file about they and their partner, a woman, being tranced out – first the listener, frozen in place by a quick trance, then their girlfriend slowly seduced and aroused in front of them. The resulting feedback loop of pleasure – from watching, from listening, from the entire arousing scenario – culminates in climax for the listener as well as the partner in their vision.

Not an actual couples file, since you listen to it alone while thinking of your partner but this is the kind of thing I might make a pair of couples files out of someday. For now, enjoy it for what it is, a sexy scenario where you visualize your partner enjoying herself while being presented relaxing imagery and an eventual command to climax in unison with the image you are observing.

The sample is particularly long and detailed.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 24 Minutes

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Lady of the Forest

An otherwise unremarkable corrupted glade in the vast Forest is home to a peculiar creature who can manipulate plant-like minions and vines. The Lady is tied to the vines and corrupted blooms of the forest. She is likely more plant than humanoid, but appears as an attractive blue-skinned woman with chitinous clothing on her arms, legs, and minimally on her torso. Her servants include large-breasted and voluptuous flower girls intended to lure in the unwary. The Lady has complete control of the plants in her grove, including vines, humanoid plantgirls, and a variety of special nectars intended to help those who enter get in the mood. Her influence can be quite powerful.

Corruption in Mareth tends to make creatures lustful and enhance their libido and sexual enjoyment. But she was once part plant, she doesn't really fully understand sexual desire, she just knows she hungers for sexual fluids of all kinds. And she has the ability to reach into the minds of the unwary and discover what will best stimulate them to climax. This page will always list all encounters with the Lady, so you can browse it as an index of her exploits, or bookmark it to check back later.

All encounters below follow after the Forest Induction. So make a playlist, put the Forest Induction first, and then follow it with any one of these encounters.

  • Lady of the Forest - Cock Milking - For adventurers with penises, the Lady has developed a specific system of stimulation involving her specialized blooms, intended to bring about maximum nourishment for she and her minions, with minimal effort. As well as a maximum chance of the "prey" returning happy and healthy next time with fond memories of the experience. Deriving sustenance from the sexual fluids of those who enter the glade, she utilizes her considerable talents and the assistance of various vine creatures to restrain and then milk the listener dry. A return visit would not be unwelcome. Same hands-free climax language as Overflowing, permissive so you can use hands if you want to. Ends around the point of climax, lots of build up, description, titillation. This file assumes the listener has a penis and enjoys having it stimulated. File ends with permissive awakener language. Feel free to add your own induction before the Forest Induction and your own awakener after the file, but they aren't really needed.
    The Forest Induction -> This File

    - File Length: 41 Minutes

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The Forest

On the borders of the greater wilds of Mareth, and right next to your camp, is the Forest. A merger of various climates: humid jungle in one place, cool coniferous forest in another, almost tropical on the lake shore with its sand and sunbathing. weather. The lake is within the forest, and the forest borders the desert, the plains, and the swamp, in its winding way.

All of the files in this category begin with the same induction, which you can download here. It can also be downloaded from a link on the pages in this category. Place the following short induction on your playlist before one of the encounter files. This file can come first, or be second after another induction you like. It is short, but serves as an introduction to the area and leads into the other files.

- 5 minutes

Click here to go view the list of Forest encounters.

Status Report - May 31st

I broke 2k on the Patreon! Thanks everyone. This means that at least for the month of June, the files will keep flowing and site will keep improving.

In celebration I made a new CoC forest induction/deepener and am building the Forest as the first page of the CoC catalog in its redesigned form. I have also made a new file with a theme of cock-milking by a sensual tentacle girl and her minions. Will post it shortly. It uses the same hands free orgasmic language from Overflowing.

Also if you haven't checked out Drink Me, please do, I'd love feedback.

Anyway I also wrote Succubus Transformation, so I'm going to record those files tonight/tomorrow morning.

The Patreon is charging presently. When cards charge and the funds clear I will send out thank-you rewards for supporters.

Lady of the Forest will be free, as will the new forest deepener. I'm recording the last of them now so they should be out in the next few hours!

As always, contact me at with any feedback or commentary.


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