Self Control - Pussy

This is a file for those who like my previous pussy-centric releases like Emptiness and Release Valve. The theme here is one of your pussy directing your life and actions, telling you what to do in order to please it better. There are confidence elements, some task-oriented to-do-list material, and of course lots of sexy bits. Have toys nearby, or be good with your hands, because masturbation is encouraged throughout as a spellbinding tale of lust consuming your body and mind is laid out for you to enjoy. How can you resist something that is a part of you and sending orders right to your brain all the time anyway?
Any Induction -> This File -> Any Awakener

- ~30 Minutes - $15 CAD

Lip Sink

Pick a favorite color of lipstick before listening. This piece discusses the image of feminine lips, in glossy lipstick, providing positive reinforcement to allow things which block your descent into relaxation to fade away. Overall positive and arousing, lipstick and lip fetish stressed, has deepening elements at start. About 20 minutes long.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> (Optional: Any Deepener such as the one in the Common Concepts pack) -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

Triggered Cowgirl Transformation

This is a transformation file which draws on your own fantasies of being a large-breasted milky submissive cowgirl. Choose a cowgirl "name" before you listen, as I will call on you for it late in the file. This is a detailed piece, about leaving your body behind and indulging in a new curvy cowgirl form. I personally like Mirabelle, but choose the one that is right for you. Bonus points if you have a leather collar with a bell attached and your name on it (that is mentioned during the file, so it'll feel extra appropriate if you have it). This file goes best with the Relaxing Sands induction, which was made for it.

Be a horny milky cowgirl, wanting to be milked, sensitive and horny. When the trigger is said, let yourself go and enjoy - re-shape yourself, give your trigger name to those you trust, and enjoy submissive cowgirl fun with them. This file does not reference specific body parts, so it is good for anyone. The description culminates in large milky breasts and a dripping, sensitive vagina either way.

Any Induction -> This File -> Any Awakener

- 30 Minutes - $10 CAD

Update and Site Design

All links should work and if any don't please let me know by email. A reminder, I post all new files on my tumblr and twitter - so you can be updated by following on either of those if you have them and you want to.

I am experimenting with new formats and doodads for the site, if you have any idea for what you'd like to see, or for an ease of use change to the site, let me know. The first change is the Tag Cloud I just put there, though I think I might move it to the top of its own Catalog page, and then put a random assortment of items from among premium and free files below it, with options to go look at lists if you want to.

The other thing I need to do is go tag files extensively to make the tag cloud more useful, so if you have recommendations for tags for files, let me know!

Lipsink and Mirabelle are coming nicely, as is a couples custom, I will finish all three today and progress to some CoC material writing tomorrow.

I'm also working on a collection of mind control themed erotic stories to put together in a pdf, I'll have samples up and I might ask people to proofread it and give me feedback before I put it up, but I've managed to put together some sexy stuff, and I hope people like it when I put it out there.

As always, don't hesitate to email me. I don't get many emails and it is nice to get feedback.

Nipple Play

This is a variant on the old Nipple Play file. It uses the trigger from Night Night, and also some of the triggers from the Common Concepts pack.

It uses more open language, and has a lengthy deepener at the beginning - and no awakener, so you can chain it as you please, unlike the original where people often had to edit out the awakener I weirdly inserted for some reason.. Made for all body types - simply lead in with your favorite induction (the Common Concepts Induction works nicely) - and then relax.

Themes of addiction to playing with one's nipples, increased sensitivity, and fixation, predominate throughout. Along with submission to whoever controls or pinches your nipples, the meditation being on the idea of being led around by them. Enjoy!

Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> This File -> Any Awakener

- 37 Minutes - $15 CAD / € 10.64

Feminine Succubus Seed

This is a simple feminization piece. The theme is that the listener is implanted with a succubus who feeds on stereotypically masculine energy, conditioning the subject toward femininity as a way of securing its "food" source. Original body parts/mindset aren't much mentioned, though there is a suggestion of the succubus popping up in other feminization files or in situations outside the file itself. Mild continued feminization conditioning, and suggestions of feminine form/clothing are included. Enjoy!
Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> This File -> Any Awakener

- 21 Minutes - $10 CAD / € 7.05

Safety and Escape

When listeners are just starting up listening, they are sometimes concerned. Embarassed about their fetish or worried about effects happening in the outside world. So this file, which works well with the Common Concepts pack files - emphasizes that I will always do just what I say I will in the file description. Furthermore, this file contains safety instructions reminding the listener that all of my work is only intended to be enjoyed while safe and comfortable - and if someone is unsafe, or uncomfortable, they will simply ignore any training until they are safe and comfortable again. A hopefully useful general reassurance, relaxation, and comfort themed recording.

As I understand it, and as the originator of this file's concept requested, two general desires of my listeners are safety - knowing programming will not interfere with their normal life - and escape, to escape from the everyday and also from their own minds for a while, and be guided and afforded a chance to relax. Hopefully this hits that mark.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> (Optional: Any Deepener such as the one in the Common Concepts pack) -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- 19 Minutes

Sucking Induction

This simple, nine minute long induction encourages the listener to place a nearby object in their mouth and begin to suck, at the midway point. This sucking is used as an explanation for increasing depth and mindlessness as thoughts are sucked out in return. Gags, sex toys, one's fingers, a lover's breast, anything you'd like so long as it doesn't mind being in your mouth and blankly suckled for the duration of your playlist. Could look very sexy to an onlooker and possibly have other benefits, I leave it up to you. This is an induction, so this is where the trance begins, great for anything cock or breast suckling centric, of course.

This File -> Any Body File

Empty Torment

Exploratory amnesia-tinged sexual fantasy that slips away and yet invades the mind. The listener finds themselves at Elena's mercy in a verdant garden for a short but sweet indulgence in giving oral pleasure. First, be blank, then, be pleasured, then, try to retain the memory.

The listener is rendered blank via the Be Blank trigger from Brain Drain. The best induction for this file is probably Listen, Focus, Unfocus. The file then walks them through a suggestive erotic fantasy using indirect suggestion and training of the brain for very specific fetishes (oral service to women, though unseen in the file itself). The file ends with a very potent amnesia suggestion that induces a yearning in the now-awakened listener to know the details of their experience, and then intensifies the desire to re-listen again and again, losing grasp each time.

Any Induction -> (Optional: Any Deepener) -> This File -> Any Awakener

Pet Primer

A lot of people have asked me what kind of things I do with play partners who I actually trance one on one. Usually I start with some kind of rapport builder, something to explain my outlook and help them relax into the experience. This file, plus a good induction and awakener, are what I would start with. This file is adapted from one I actually gave a partner a few days ago.
Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> (Optional: Any Deepener such as the one in the Common Concepts pack) -> This Body File -> Any Awakener


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