Edging - Five Strokes + Encouragement Loop Pack

Deliberate edging, the practice of masturbating to the brink of climax then slacking off, can be taxing and is often a solo project.

Sometimes you want direct input as you try to edge. This is a minimalistic instruction set and five 'strokes' worth of encouragement to come close to the edge. It also includes a loopable (you can put it on repeat), ten minute encouragement which tries to get you to tip over the edge even as you masturbate up close to it.

This pack includes instructions on how to use its "First Stroke" through "Fifth Stroke" files which are one minute instructions, and a 10 minute non-repeating but loopable encouragement to climax and to edge, going back and forth between the two kinds of encouragement.

A short version of the loopable encouragement is here for you to check it out.

Length: 20 Minutes Total

Edging Regimen 3 - Regular

This is an experimental Edging Regimen track. This is the only one that came out the way I wanted it. Ideally there will be a level 1 "occasional" and a level 2 "weekly" kind of level. Regular Edging means 3 times a day, 5 times if you have an unusually high amount of time off. I'll get those out, for now enjoy this survivor of the creative process.

But edging focuses the mind and gets you in the mood for progress. Many people use the delayed gratification of edging as encouragement to get motivated and on track. Try this on its own then develop your own edging regimen. If you want a little help reminding yourself and keeping the energy up, try the Edging - Five Strokes and Encouragement pack.

- A short instruction piece, so you can see what you're in for with the full version.

Length: 8 Minutes

Butt Bunny - Bouncing Encouragement Pack

This is a pack of useful tracks for anyone who enjoys the "Butt Bunny" series of files.

It includes a mantra for playing in the background while you are triggered and stimulating your ass, an overall encouragement recap to reinforce all the principles from the series, and a sample of the upcoming Butt Bunny Bondage 3 - Strapon Sleeve, to get you in the mood for what is yet to come.

Length: 18 Minutes

Creature of Impulse Induction

For long-term listeners. You probably know enough about what I'm like and about my ad-libbing stream of consciousness tendencies to know when I'm slipping halfway into trance while trancing you out.

So revel in it. This is an example of my off-the cuff stream of consciousness style content, and also serves as a loving rapport-filled reminder that each session makes it easier to go under for the next one,

A good reminder and an excellent induction for story, confusion, or self-help/rapport based files with erotic twists.

Place this first in your playlist and follow up with deepeners or main body files of your choice.

Length: 10 Minutes

Challenge 2 - Hold On Stud

A further playful challenge, a sequel to Challenge: Hold Back this file is for listeners with penises who have enjoyed my various "stud" files.

You are playfully invited to participate in a hypnotic resistance game where you try to avoid masturbating while being presented with alluring imagery for your cock's pleasure and your stud conditioning. Heightening desire, and guiding masturbation throughout, you are given the tools to have a truly massive orgasm... but the game is to hold back.

I will use any trick I can think of to try and help you cum, help you feel good, give in, even though the images of fucking wet needy pussies and feeling begging pleading desire for your hot cum might be enough on its own, I'll also employ some fractionated count inductions, finger snaps, and explicit commands to climax.

You can get a 20 minute sample which might be enough to help you cum all on its own, at the link below.

Full Recording Length: 40 Minutes

Your Submissive Cock

This file uses the triggers from Brain Drain and Night Night.

The listener has a submissive cock constructed. Different from an ordinary cock, every stroke of this length results in greater submission - kneeling, begging, submitting. The thick, small, usually limp, hard-on-command cock entrains the subject to serve a dominant partner, and any stimulation to it draws one further into orgasmic surrender. Your cock becomes an instrument of surrender and submission, with every stimulation to it rendering you increasingly subjugated and aroused.

Made this for an ftm subject of mine, when we were doing some fairly in-depth submission and cock centric play. Now it is here for others to enjoy. Check out the sample.

Playlist order:

  1. Any Induction (?)
  2. This file

Cat On The Prowl

The unwary listener notices an emerald-eyed cat statue in a display. Captivated, transformed into a horny cat with a dripping pussy, engorged clit and large, milky breasts, and handed an obsession with anyone who might pin them and offer their own breasts to suck - kitty loves cream. Includes masturbation instructions and a general breast-worship message along with tones of submission and transformation. The sample is quite long, so check it out and see if you like the concept.

Note: includes humiliation elements and cock-worship as well.

Any Induction such as the one in the Common Concepts pack -> This Body File -> Any Awakener

- File Length: 30 Minutes

The Quilt

An improved version of an older free file. When you are travelling, it can be frustrating to be prevented from doing anything productive. You lack your own autonomy and even playing games or reading books or watching tv can be nauseating or tiring. You wish you could sleep, but there might be noise or distractions around you. Still, you chose to take the trip and might as well make the most of it. The best thing you could do would be to arrive at your destination rested and restored, and if you did so you'd be better off than travelers who complain or agonize. So rest.

Allow the concept of an ethereal quilt comprised of all your soothing or self-supporting experiences to be linked to this idea of converting white noise to soothing noise, and just going off to a trance space in your head.

The first instruction to feel the quilt descend is early in the file, meaning it is very susceptible to being looped or put on repeat until you reach your destination, and then you can float down and back up while reinforcing the meditative suggestions herein.

Or at least just hear a friendly voice any time you're in the process of non-leisure non-pleasant travel.

- This short clip can be used to get the quilt trigger started, and used to lead into other files. The full version is in the backer folder.

Just A Little More - Got Milk? 2

The temptation to go just a little further, just a little deeper, is very great. This is especially true when you visualize your big milk-filled breasts weighing your very mind down and making more milk out of your spare thoughts.

This is an expansion to the Got Milk? theme from the first file in this series.

Perhaps you will stop after this one, or maybe you will go onward to the third instalment - and the fourth and fifth as they appear.

Be careful how much you let into your mind. After this second one, I won't be holding back.

But relax, the most you'll find here is some soothing cowgirl thoughts. Mindless mooing cowgirl breasts, the desire to have your huge tits massaged and milked dry as your thoughts turn into more milk to supply the empty orgasmic flow. That is what awaits.

Make sure to check out the other 'Just A Little More' series files.

- The first file in the series, so you can see what you're in for.
File Length: 10 Minutes

Status Now

My cold had some lingering cough effects. I am now over it enough to record without having to pause every minute or so. Expect new audio tomorrow just in time for the holidays.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.


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